The release notes contain information about new features, improvements and bug fixes in each version. This page contains release notes for major releases, service releases and maintenance releases. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, you can find essential information in the upgrade notes in the corresponding release notes.

If you are looking for an overview of current innovations in the products, it is best to use the version comparison.

ProCall DataCenter Release Notes

ProCall Enterprise Release Notes

ProCall 8 Enterprise
ProCall 7.7 Enterprise
ProCall 7.6 Enterprise
ProCall 7.5 Enterprise
ProCall 7.4 Enterprise
ProCall 7.3 Enterprise
ProCall 7.2 Enterprise
ProCall 7.1 Enterprise
ProCall 7.0 Enterprise
ProCall 6.0 Enterprise

ProCall Voice Services

ProCall Business

ProCall Analytics Release Notes

ProCall Analytics 3
ProCall Analytics 2.0

ECSTA Release Notes


MetaDirectory Enterprise Release Notes

MetaDirectory 6 Enterprise
MetaDirectory 5.0 Enterprise
MetaDirectory 4.0 Enterprise

ixi-UMS Release Notes

ProCall Meetings Release Notes