ProCall Enterprise 7.1.5 was released on  as a maintenance release.

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)


New features
  • A new profile for softphone connections to B.I.S. telephone systems (bis. cloud) has been added.
  • A new profile for softphone connections to C+ITEC AG (Universe Cloud Connect) has been added.
  • For softphone connection to providers or PBXs that provide names instead of just numbers, problems with displaying and processing the name have been fixed.
    • Both phone numbers and now also names are supported for call acceptance in the sender address (From). Previously, non-dialable characters were also filtered out on the softphone, as an attempt was made to treat the received name as a phone number and convert it to canonical format based on the site configuration.

    • The names are displayed in the journal and can be used for a callback by clicking on them if necessary.

  • When creating softphone registrations in UCServer Administration, manually assigned phone numbers can now also be entered directly if the PBX type also allows names instead of only phone numbers in the user name of the registration. Background: until now, the checkbox "Create phone numbers automatically" had to be removed in a line group tab in order to be able to enter a manual phone number when configuring each individual line.

  • In the UCServer administration, when creating SIP lines for the softphone connection, a CSV file (with the information about the individual lines) can now also be imported, so that the lines do not have to be created manually.
    E.g. when importing

    Scheme: <username>,<authusername optional)>,password,phone number


    this becomes

  • In the UCServer administration when configuring the softphone registration, the edit fields are not hidden in the default settings of e.g. "Copy phone number from user name", but are displayed grayed out and inactive. The edit fields are displayed indented.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a crash of the UCServer administration when importing a previously exported configuration.

  • Fixed a problem with 'private' marked calls when the internal rights were only set to "Public" or "Business". After hanging up, the display partially stopped on the other users about a call.

  • Fixed an incorrect status display in UCServer Administration under "Push Notifications".

  • Fixed a bug in ProCall Client for Windows that when using the function "Open Calendar..." function, too many connections were established to the Exchange Server. This fix affects the MAPI connection to Outlook.

ProCall für iOS 7.1.51 (21031602)


  • Administratively configured favorite contacts are now displayed in the iOS app.
  • Color adjustments have been made to hyperlinks in TextChat.
  • Visual improvements have been made to the journal.
  • The behavior of the camera and the microphone have been improved in iOS 14. They are now closed after a VideoChat.
Bug fixes
  • Several crashes have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that in a video chat the microphone did not work and thus the other person did not hear anything.
  • Fixed a crash when putting the app in the background and bringing it back to the foreground when transferring a softphone call.
  • Fixed an issue with font size on iOS 12.
  • In the ProCall MacClient and in the iOS App, the phone numbers in the journal were not resolved correctly in certain cases. This error has been fixed.

ProCall für Android 7.1.50 (21031501)


  • Improved call quality during AV chats and softphone calls (with Connection Service disabled). Problems with the volume and that the other party hears an echo are fixed.
  • The copyright information has been updated.
  • Color adjustments have been made in TextChat.
  • If a contact is not in the favorites list, the presence is now retrieved in the contact details and VideoChat is possible.
Bug fixes
  • Several crashes have been fixed.
  • In the Android app, the phone numbers in the journal were not resolved correctly in certain cases. This misbehavior has been fixed.
  • In certain cases, outgoing calls were displayed twice for contacts. This has been fixed.

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