ProCall Enterprise 7.3.3 was released on  as a maintenance release.

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)

General information
New functions
  • In the UCServer administration, the interfaces for SIP federation have been adapted.
  • The behavior of SIP federation with Innovaphone PBXs when the connection between the PBX and the UCServer is disconnected has been improved.
  • In UCServer Administration under "Licenses", the "Used" column for UCConnect Mobility Services displays the number of mobile devices currently logged in via Push and no longer the number of users who are allowed to use apps.
  • In the Client for Windows, the display of the "Forwarded from:" information has been improved when it is not a (dialable) phone number, but names such as "SIP45". Previously only the dialable part was displayed, in our example "45". Now the whole information is displayed.
  • The journaling of pickup calls to the provider NFON has been improved for softphone connections. If a call was picked up by another user, it was possible that the journal of the "picked up" subscriber did not show who had received the call (blue journal entry with "spoken to" information).
Bug fixes
  • In certain system environments the media server could not be used. This concerns systems that do not provide an SSE processing unit on the processor side (CPU). In the error case, the Media Server crashed in libcrypto-10.dll, no successful softphone startup could be performed. The system requirements for the Media Server have been changed accordingly. As a workaround, this DLL is also available as a "no-SSE2" patch variant. However, it is recommended to use systems with SSE computing unit, because with this DLL certain computing operations are emulated on the software side, which results in an increased consumption of CPU computing power and therefore fewer subscribers can make calls simultaneously.

  • Fixed an issue with the softphone connection to OD Cloud that resulted in one-sided audio after connecting a consultation.
  • Fixed a problem with user activation/deactivation in AD snapin.
  • Fixed a problem in UCServer setup when trying to import UCConnect licenses.
  • Fixed a problem in UCServer administration when ProCall Meetings licenses expired when trying to edit users.
  • Fixed a problem that in rare cases the UCServer service could not be terminated because existing socket connections were not terminated.
  • A problem with DATEV integration has been fixed, where dialing from the DATEV workstation (client view) with multiple assignment of a phone number within the replicated dataset leads to ProCall dialing with a different addressee than transferred by DATEV.
  • If the phone calls of a mobile device were controlled via Bluetooth with the Client for Windows, all calls were hung up by a waiting second call in case of an error. The behavior was observed when the user had activated a "Busy on Busy" or a "Do not disturb" on the Client for Windows. Now, as expected, only the waiting second call is rejected.
  • A confusing display of softphone lines in the server administrator has been fixed. When a line group was newly created, lines might have been displayed twice even if they were created only once. The duplicate display did not affect the function of the server, but it was confusing. After restarting the server administrator, the display was correct.
  • Fixed a problem in the Client for Windows with the "Actions" related to call forwarding. If the action "Cancel all call forwarding" was set for the event "When logging on to the server" and there were several lines with the same phone number, the call forwarding were not removed from all lines.
  • For outgoing calls with the Client for Windows, certain service features ("buttons") were offered even if the PBX did not support them. However, for incoming calls, the buttons were displayed correctly. The problem has been noticed on an Alcatel OXO PBX that does not support Blind Transfer in connected state (Blind Transfer Connected).
  • Manual configuration changes in .\estos\UCServer\config\eucwebconfig.json were overwritten when the server was restarted and were thus discarded. This problem has been fixed.

ProCall for Android 7.3.31 (21122102)

New functions
  • When starting a softphone call, occasionally a pop-up window appears with a hint that calls can be made via the Android call account. By activating 'Do not show again', you can dispense with this pop-up notice, but change the call account setting at any time.
  • When a call has been forwarded, the call is immediately terminated with the indication 'forwarded'.
Bug fixes
  • Various crashes have been fixed.

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