MetaDirectory Enterprise 5.0.16 – 2. HOTFIX  was released on as a maintenance release.

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Please make a backup of your environment before each update.

!!! 2. HOTFIX !!! MetaDirectory 5 Enterprise 

Fixed an issue where a return value was now evaluated incorrectly due to a customization of the replicator for Microsoft Graph and Salesforce. This resulted in the replication not completing successfully.

!!! HOTFIX !!! MetaDirectory 5 Enterprise 

A problem with the installation of the replicator for EWS (Microsoft Exchange Web Services) has been fixed. The replicator for EWS could be set up and access to the mailbox worked. However, no contacts were replicated.

MetaDirectory 5 Enterprise

New functions/Improvements

  • When connecting the Active Directory as user administration, an LDAP filter can be specified for reading out the users.
  • The logon to the MetaDirectory via the ProCall clients has been revised.
  • The connection to Microsoft Dynamics Online has been improved. Additional fields can be read out using FetchXML.
  • The display for "remembered" contacts in the web search has been improved.
  • Same contacts are now recognized even if the e-mail addresses differ in upper/lower case.
  • The connection to Domino up to and including version 11 is supported.
  • It is now possible to create and use a separate node with data sources from replicators and phonebooks.
  • The function to import contact images from a directory has been installed for Notes/LDAP/EWS replicator,
  • Changed the name "Klicktel" to "" in MetaDirectory administration.

Bug fixes

  • Query using CGI parameters is now also possible with the new web page
  • The incorrect evaluation of the (replicator) start times after the change of the summer/winter time was fixed.
  • In case of incorrect or too nested LDAP queries, MetaDirectory rejects them with "Abnormal decoding error".  The error was fixed.
  • Fixed an error where some phone numbers were not found in the Swisscom Directory.
  • When using the UCServer as user administration, a notice is now displayed when the UCServer does the authentication against the Active Directory.
  • A problem with the Datev replicator has been fixed. Now names output in the "Long name" field are separated after the comma and replicated to the First name and Last name fields.
  • The "Digest-MD5 SASL" option for connection to Active Directory has been removed.
  • Fixed a bug where "asterisk search" (full text search) "grabbed" only in simple contact search, not in parameterized search.

Known issues and limitations

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