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ProCall Enterprise 8.2.2 was released on  as a maintenance release.

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)


  • On ProCall client for Windows, logging for problem analysis in case of failed automatic login has been improved.
Bug fixes
  • A call abort in the media server was fixed. The abort was visible in the log under "GLib Error: assertion 'G_IS_SOCKET (socket)' failed".
  • Fixed a problem with the "Share content" feature that the maximum size of a file was calculated incorrectly and therefore the corresponding setting in the UCServer administration did not work.
  • When restoring a line to a user account in UCServer administration, an error message regarding ProCall Voice Services could appear under certain circumstances, although this service is not activated.
  • Fixed an issue with Microsoft Teams integration when it is enabled but cannot be used (e.g. lack of internet connection or similar).
Improvements and bug fixes to the ChatApp
  • The ChatApp in the ProCall client for Windows now also tries to connect to the WebService of the UCServer via HTTPS.
  • Various minor bug fixes to features like "chat pinning", contact details design and others.
Improvements and bug fixes to the ProCall App for Microsoft Teams 
  • Usability improvements and adjustments (including line settings, contact information, journal display,...).
  • Facilitate login with pre-filled login fields (username and UCConnect ID/UCServer Web Services URL).
  • Advanced information in the "About" box.

    Info: For full functionality, please upload ProCall manifest file "" again by the administrator in Microsoft Teams Admin Center and install it into the latest ProCall App for Microsoft Teams from the cloud.

ProCall for iOS 8.2.10 (23082205)


  • The integrated call windows of the ProCall mobile app for iOS have been redesigned with a new layout based on the call windows familiar from iOS phones.
  • The following new features are supported in the integrated call window:

    • Bluetooth audio devices support 
    • Hold call 
    • Call waiting and terminating / accepting a second call on GSM line during a SIP call
    • Minimize/maximize the call window during an ongoing call.

Bug fixes
  • Various crashes have been fixed.
  • Resolved an issue that suppressed (anonymous) calls were incorrectly displayed in the call journal.
  • Fixed a bug in the call journal that when dialing via an entry there, sometimes a wrong number was dialed.

ProCall for Android 8.2.10 (23082102)


Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug in the call journal that when dialing via an entry there, sometimes a wrong number was dialed.
  • Resolved an issue with push messages that when tapping a push message from ProCall mobile, it did not come to the foreground.
  • Resolved an issue where the text "forwarded" no longer appeared when a call was forwarded.
  • The display of the connection quality during a call is possible again.

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