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ProCall Enterprise 8.3.4 was released on  as a maintenance release.

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ProCall 8 Enterprise SR3 Release Notes

Please also see the ProCall 8 Enterprise SR3 Release Notes

ProCall Enterprise (Core)


  • ChatGPT integration has been revised:

    • Various bug fixes.
    • Update of the libraries used to the current versions of Azure OpenAI and OpenAI (
    • The icon in the UCServer administration has been replaced.
    • The configuration area in the UCServer administration has been revised so that it is easier to distinguish between Azure and OpenAI
    • In UCServer Admin, the error messages of the test are now more legible and visible.
    • The API key is displayed as a password field so that the key is not visible.
    • After restarting the UCServer service, the chat context is no longer rebuilt.
    • The user can reset the context himself using the "/clear" command.
    • If the assigned ChatGPT user is given the service authorization for the digital business card, he can also be chatted with by anonymous website users if the digital business card has been generally released (please make sure that this is also desired).
    • In the UCServer administration, the online help now refers to the support portal.
    • The streaming of responses can be deactivated via the configuration file.

      • Since the libraries have been updated to a stable version 1.0.0 and there have been changes to the configuration, check the configuration for completeness in the UCServer administration under "ChatGPT Integration" after updating the UCServer.
      • DALLE-2 is no longer supported. DALLE-3 must be used.

        DALL-E 3 is now available for Azure OpenAI Service. DALL-E 2 can no longer be used

        The streaming of responses can be deactivated via the configuration file.

    • Logging for ChatGPT and Teams integration has been improved
Bug fixes
  • Various problems with the display of licenses in the UCServer administration have been solved. It could happen that older licenses available on the system (such as ProCall 6 or 7) were displayed incorrectly or an existing active service contract was marked with a red light.
  • Problems with saving special settings in the UCServer administration of the SIP line group have been solved. For example, there were scenarios in which the setting "Use registrar as login domain" or "Take phone numbers from user name" were overwritten and had to be reset.
  • Fixed a hang-up of the ProCall client when special HID devices were connected to the system.

  • A problem with PCAP trace logging in the UCServer administration has been solved. It could happen that the settings were not saved and therefore the logging did not work.
Improvements and bug fixes to the ChatApp
  • Various minor bug fixes and layout improvements.

ProCall for iOS 8.3.22 (23112304)


New features
  • Apple CarPlay support makes it possible to display calls directly on the car display with the ProCall app for iOS. Using voice control, it is therefore also possible to use ProCall while driving. Further information and system requirements for Apple CarPlay support can be found here.
  • The notifications for "Poor quality" during a real-time communication are now also removed again when the quality has improved.
Bug fixes
  • Various crashes have been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem on the MAC client and the iOS app that very rarely led to empty chat windows.
  • Media connections (softphone) can now be established when using 2 SIM cards (dual SIM).

  • A problem with incoming calls was solved if the user navigated in the app in a certain way at the same time and moved the app to the background.
  • Fixed a problem with the MAC client running on Intel Macintoshes.
  • After restarting the UCServer, iOS and MAC clients now remain logged in.

ProCall App for Microsoft Teams

  • Minor improvements,
    e.g. when displaying error messages and within the presence tooltip.

Note: It is not necessary to replace the manifest. These improvements are implemented automatically.

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