ProCall Enterprise 7.0.3 was released as Maintenance Release on .

This update fixes a critical rating vulnerability (CVSS 3.1 score 9.4).

Security advisory: ProCall Enterprise remote code execution vulnerability →

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)


Bug fixes
  • In ProCall for Windows client, it was possible to execute commands (e.g. JavaScript, ActiveX) in the underlying Microsoft Internet Explorer remotely, i.e. from another ProCall client, via the contact portal or the multimedia business card or federation, using chat messages.
  • Permissions between users (e.g. public) no longer overwrite permissions from groups or global permissions, even if they contain more rights (e.g. team member).
  • Archiving an Access server database works again after the upgrade to ProCall 7 Enterprise.
  • A crash of the UCServer in connection with archiving the Access database was fixed.
  • Administrative call redirections to the mailbox are now only displayed in the contact if the redirection is also set by logging off the client.
  • Fixed a crash of the Windows client when generating a tooltip of a contact that contained a certain special character in an appointment.
  • A problem with registration of softphone lines with WWW-Authentication header was fixed.
  • A display problem of contact details (e.g. phone number) in a change workstation scenario was fixed.
  • Fixed a rare Windows client crash when trying to forward a chat message.
  • After disabling individual notification tones of the Windows client in the system, they are no longer overwritten with the default value when the client starts.
  • There are no more incorrect entries in the journal generated by a crash during a screen share.

ProCall for iOS 7.0.31 (20092402)


  • In the chat area, the background colors of the chat bubbles were adjusted.
Bug fixes
  • No dial tone was heard during an outgoing call.
  • Fixed a crash when forwarding a softphone call, if you put the app in the background and bring it to the foreground. 
  • A button was not displayed correctly under iOS 14.
  • Fixed an incorrect display of the contact name in the chat window that occurred when a chat message was never sent to the contact.
  • Chat messages were clipped when the smartphone was rotated (landscape mode).

ProCall für iOS 7.0.32 (20100212) 


Bug fixes
  • An error when displaying files in TextChat was fixed.

  • Text messages could not be forwarded in the iOS app.

ProCall for Android 7.0.30 (20090804)


  • An already uploaded file will not be uploaded to the server again if it is sent several times. This makes it possible, for example, to send large files faster.
  • The display of profile pictures has been improved.
  • A change in wording was made when sending files from other apps.
  • A user-deleted file that was shared can now be downloaded again.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an error in the display of the call dialog.
  • The message when the remote station cannot be reached (e.g. when the line is busy) was corrected.
  • An error when sending a contact was fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where an unmanageable call window was displayed.
  • Fixed a bug that no messages were displayed in the Chats section.
  • Fixed an error that when an incoming video chat is accepted as audio chat, the own video image is displayed.

Known issues and limitations

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