ProCall Enterprise 7.1.2 was released as a Maintenance Release on.

This update fixes a critical rating vulnerability (CVSS 3.1 score 9.4).

Security advisory: ProCall Enterprise remote code execution vulnerability (http)

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)


New features
  • The possibility was created to pick up a softphone call from another user who has not logged into the client. If the setting for rejecting calls when the client is logged off is set to 'Ringing' on the server, authorized users will see a pending call with a grey-red flashing presence. By right-clicking and selecting the 'Pick up call' option, the call can be picked up if no call is in progress. On the server, the pickup feature code must be configured in the properties of the trunk group, which is valid for this on the PBX. Also, refer to the PBX documentation for restrictions on pickup

  • In UCServer Administration, in the "Profiles" item, the "Advanced" tab has been renamed to "Settings".
  • The behavior of the tones for incoming softphone calls has been improved. If the call is prematurely hung up before being answered or answered by another device, a "Disconnect" (call ended) tone is no longer played. This also eliminates the "Disconnect" sound on the softphone when the call is answered on the desk phone. Stopping the "ringer" signals the ended call attempt.
  • If the reply function in the chat window contains a shared file, then this can now be opened by clicking on it.
  • When trying to share an entire folder via the chat window, there is now a meaningful error message.
  • Fixed a UCServer crash related to "Share content".
Bug fixes
  • In the ProCall for Windows client, it was possible to execute commands (e.g. JavaScript, ActiveX) in the underlying Microsoft Internet Explorer remotely, i.e. from another ProCall client, via the contact portal or the multimedia business card or federation, using chat messages.
  • Fixed a sporadic crash in the Windows client that could occur in certain environments during a softphone consultation call. The situation occurred more frequently when the subordinate hold of the primary call was ill-timed with the consultation call. The subordinate hold is now better synchronized with the consultation call.

  • Fixed an issue on ProCall Client for Windows where the presences of feathered contacts were not displayed when the client machine was woken up from sleep mode.
  • Fixed a problem that when upgrading from older ProCall 6 versions to ProCall 7, certain columns in the chat database were not created and therefore there were limitations in the chat.
  • Fixed a bug in the SQL Server database connection of the UCServer that caused it to connect to the master database of the SQL Server instead of the set database.
  • A problem was fixed that after a transfer after consultation the forwarding contact was displayed as the caller in the favorite contact.

ProCall for iOS 7.1.20 (20121102)


  • If the ProCall Mobile app does not have sufficient permission to access the photos and videos, a permission dialog is now displayed.
  • Improved font size and icons in the journal.

ProCall for Android 7.1.20 (20121401)


  • A permission dialog is displayed when the user first shares a file to ProCall Mobile from another app.
  • Uploaded files do not need to be downloaded to be displayed after a new login or in case of a ProCall Mobile app crash.
  • Improved date display in chat and calls ("Journal").
  • Improvements have been made to the display of TextChat messages and in the Journal.
  • Color adjustments have been made.
  • A preview is now displayed when sharing files.
  • A rating feature for the Google Play Store has been added to the app.
  • When a federated contact is added to Favorites via the MetaDirectory on the ProCall Client for Windows, their presence is now also displayed in the app.

Bug fixes
  • Various crashes of the beta version have been fixed.
  • Fixed several crashes in the release version.
  • Fixed an erroneous behavior with microphone permissions that could prevent you from dialing with your smartphone.

  • Fixed a sporadic error when establishing an audio chat.
  • Fixed limitations with the microphone during conversations on Android 11.
  • Image preview when using the camera works again on Huawei P30 devices.

Known problems and limitations

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