ProCall Enterprise 7.1.3 was released on  as a maintenance release.

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)


New features
  • The logging of the media server can now be set via the UCServer administration in the item "Events". This function should only be used for error analysis, otherwise, the system load may be increased with detailed logging.

  • The status lamp in the UCServer administration in the item "Update Server" now shows the appropriate transparency.

  • In the UCServer administration in the item "Update Server" there was an improvement of the display of paths when the window of the admin is too small.

  • In the UCServer administration in the point "Update Server" in the folder-select dialog with the already entered folder the dialog is opened now.

  • On the ProCall client for Windows, the cache directory of the "Share Content" function is now locked while the client is running so that no files that are being accessed can be deleted or modified.

  • When receiving images via chat in ProCall client for Windows, there was a problem that only the preview of the image was displayed, although the whole image was already available.

  • If the reply function in the chat window contains a shared file, then this can now be opened with a click.

  • If an image preview cannot yet be displayed for a shared image in the chat of the ProCall client for Windows, then a generic placeholder for a file is now displayed instead of a preview with a red X.

  • Fixed an issue on ProCall client for Windows where the typing notification was displayed in the chat window even though other chat participants did not write.

  • On ProCall client for Windows, bitmap (.bmp) file format is now supported as an image format for content sharing with preview.

  • When sharing content on ProCall client for Windows, there is no longer a distinction between "Upload in progress" and "Offline message". There is now only the status "Being sent".

  • On ProCall client for Windows, if a split content is clickable in the chat window (e.g. image, file icon or file name), then a hand icon is now displayed on mouse-over indicating that the content is clickable.

  • Very high or very wide images in the chat window are now scaled better

  • When replying to emojis in text chats on ProCall client for Windows, they are now also displayed in color.

  • When sharing content in ProCall client for Windows, "being sent" now indicates that it is an upload and not a download.

  • If during content sharing on ProCall client for Windows the transfer was interrupted by closing the client, then the transfer will be resumed "silently" after the next start of the client.

  • When sharing content on ProCall client for Windows, there is no longer a visual distinction between offline or online message.

  • When "replying" to shared content, ProCall client for Windows also previews it.

  • On ProCall client for Windows, it is now possible to launch custom actions in custom tabs via a new API.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that in unfavorable constellations (e.g. heavily loaded UCServer or client) could lead to the distribution function of the LiveChat not always working properly. In parallel, improvements were made to the chat signaling.
  • Manual adjustments of the "waitForReconnectTimeInSec" and "clientPingPeriodTimeInSec" parameters in the "eucwebconfig.json" file are no longer overwritten with default values at UCServer startup.
  • Fixed a problem with domain authentication when the UCServer was not part of the domain during local user management.
  • Fixed an issue where space was reserved for a file multiple times when sharing content.

  • Fixed a problem with smear characters in the Office Numbers Wizard in UCServer administration.

  • In the notification window of ProCall client for Windows, the ringing icon was displayed incorrectly in the presence of a contact.

  • Fixed an issue where the typing notification in the chat window of the ProCall client for Windows slowed down the entire client.
  • Fixed a bug on ProCall client for Windows that increased the number of MMDevices audio key handles. This could cause the available handles to run out on systems such as a terminal server.
  • As of version 7.0.2, a UCServer update could be performed incorrectly although softphone calls or audio/video chats were still active. This has been fixed. After the new version (from 7.1.3) has been installed, a message will appear during the next update if calls are still active.
  • Fixed a very rare issue where an incorrect port was displayed in the login dialog of the ProCall client for Windows.
  • If the ProCall client for Windows is restarted during a file upload, then a progress bar is displayed again for the current upload.
  • Fixed an issue on the UCServer where an authorized ProCall Meetings user did not receive a license and therefore could not log into ProCall Meetings.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple call forwarding profiles with the same name on ProCall client for Windows would display a smear character in the error message for it.
  • Improved behavior of ringer tone for incoming calls when a call is signaled by Tapi and softphone at the same time. If the call was answered by softphone, sometimes the Tapi ringer tone continued to run until its end. In detail. if "Connected" is signaled on the Tapi line instead of "Destroyed" when the call is answered by softphone, the effect occurred. Now the Tapi ringer tone is stopped in both cases.

  • UCServer service startup is no longer blocked by the shared content cleanup.
  • Fixed a problem in ProCall client for Windows that the shortcut for searching in the chat window (F3) did not always work.
  • Fixed a bug where Push EULA availability tests were run via UCServer administration without Push consent.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the ProCall client for Windows would display the presence "inactive" after a hibernation, even though work was resumed on the Windows PC.
  • If the PBX does not provide an SDP in the 200 OK during the SIP connection, an SDP is now observed in the 183 Session Progress.
  • In the server, the behavior of incoming calls via softphone was improved when a user has multiple phones logged in ("forking"). When one of the phones answered the call, too many (DropCall) push messages were generated to hang up the other devices. Also removed another unnecessary (DropCall) push message if the app was terminated without logging off before the call (e.g. by "killing" or crashing).

  • In rare cases, a locally generated ringback tone was not terminated for outgoing calls. As of version 7.1.1, the ringback tone can come from the exchange ("Early Media"). If the exchange does not provide the tone, it is generated locally. In case of an error, the locally generated tone was started once too often due to a timeout error.
  • Fixed a crash of the UCServer service when disconnecting from SQL Server while deleting chat messages after X days,

ProCall for iOS 7.1.31


The release of ProCall Mobile iOS App version 7.1.31 will be delivered later.

ProCall for Android 7.1.31 (21012601)


  • Improvement of the formatting of phone numbers in the journal.

Bug fixes
  • In contacts from MetaDirectory, smartphone and speed dial keys, the phone numbers are displayed again and can be dialed.

  • A crash was fixed.
  • Fixed a sporadic issue where an incoming video call could not be answered.
  • Fixed a problem with sorting chat messages.
  • After a phone call, the microphone remained active. This error has now been fixed.

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