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TypeMaintenance release
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ECSTA 6.0.15 was released on as a maintenance release.

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Please make a backup of your environment before each update.



Bug fix
  • Fixed an issue where the connection test in ECSTA for Avaya IPO (One-X-Portal) did not work correctly.
  • The table elements for the SwitchingDeviceInformation in the Config UI of the ECSTA for Avaya IPO One-X portal were not updated correctly when they were reconfigured. The error has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused massive memory consumption (memory leak) of the ECSTA for Avaya IP Office.

Language versions

  • German (Standard) – de-DE
  • English (United States) – en-US

estos product combinations

The following combinations with estos products are approved for use with ECSTA 6. 

  • ProCall Enterprise 8.x
  • ProCall Enterprise 7.x


To upgrade an existing ECSTA installation, it is essential that you follow the notes on the upgrade process.

Always make a backup before making any changes to an existing installation

Known problems and limitations

ECSTA 6 known problems and limitations 

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