ProCall Enterprise 7.0.1 was released as a Maintenance Release on 27 Jul 2020.

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)


  • In the journal, content that was shared without a description is displayed as a clickable link
  • Agent functions are no longer displayed in the client when using ECSTA for Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise
  • Added a space above the status line in the AVChat/chat/softphone window
  • Online help on the Windows client for the UI improvements
  • For outgoing softphone calls the quality of the first few seconds was increased
  • The online help for the audio/video wizard has been extended by the new setting options
  • Improvements to the UI for the chat reply function
  • Very high or wide images in the chat window are now scaled better
  • Improvements to the tooltip of a monitor/favorite contact that is in real-time communication
  • Added online help for the user defined actions
Bug fixes
  • Via the UCServer administration it is again possible to delete log files
  • Fixed ProCall Enterprise component crashes due to newer CPU
  • Preview improvements when sharing images
  • Very narrow or very tall images are now better displayed when sharing content
  • The maximum resolution of video chats can now again be specified via the extended profiles in the UCServer administration
  • Fixed a problem with flickering when resizing the main window or scrolling through favorites
  • Fixed a crash when exiting the client
  • Fixed a sporadic crash of the client when playing sounds
  • Fixed a crash of the UCServer service in connection with TAPI events
  • Fixed a problem with the "Search in chat window" shortcut
  • Fixed a crash of the client when sharing images
  • Fixed a problem in the UCServer administration that sometimes menu entries were missing
  • On TAPI lines a consultation is now possible again
  • Fixed a problem with many simultaneous logins to WebService
  • A problem with a conflict message in the UCServer administration when saving users or groups was solved
  • Fixed a problem with the mouse pointer during screen sharing
  • Fixed sporadic client crashes
  • Fixed problems that symbols in the journal were cut off
  • When setting call forwarding for others, a SIP address is no longer displayed

ProCall for iOS 7.0.12 (20072202)


New features
  • Graphic revision of the contact details
  • Improvements in the display of answers in the chat
  • If there are problems with push notifications, a note about the cause is now displayed
Bug fixes
  • Some crashes have been fixed
  • Fixed a problem where the app stopped ringing
  • The sharing of content to federation contacts is now correctly no longer offered
  • Improvements in the error messages for content parts
  • No content could be shared in a new chat
  • Chat history was empty when the app was started offline

ProCall for Android 7.0.11 (20071401)


  • Graphical revision of the contact search
  • When exporting a contact, the file name is now composed of first and last name
Bug fixes
  • Some crashes have been fixed
  • Administratively predefined favorites and monitor groups are now also considered in ProCall for Android
  • The sharing of content to federation contacts is now correctly no longer offered

Known problems and limitations

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