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TypeMaintenance Release
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MetaDirectory Enterprise 6.0.3 was released on as a maintenance release.

MetaDirectory 6 Enterprise

New funtions / Improvements

  • When setting up a new Microsoft Graph Replicator for the MetaDirectory, the secret keys were displayed in plain text. The "Client Secret" is now displayed with dots like a password.
  • Similar to ProCall Enterprise or ECSTA, the MetaDirectory should also include the function of packing the log files from the log directory into a ZIP archive. Log files and optionally the configuration are saved in a ZIP archive Regardless of the specified log directory

Bug fixes

  • Offline licenses could be bound but "License invalid" was displayed The error has been fixed.
  • A problem has been fixed where no contact details were displayed for a contact found in the web search with active user management from the second search onwards. When the page was opened for the first time, the contact details were displayed. If the page was refreshed with (F5), an error message appeared and the details of the search results were no longer displayed.

Notes on interoperability

End-of-life/end-of-support for the following third-party products that are no longer supported in the current release:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (End of Support through Microsoft)

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (End of Support through Microsoft)

Language versions administration interface

  • German (Standard) – de-DE
  • English (United States) – en-US

Language variations web portal

  • German (Standard) – de-DE

  • English (United States) – en-US

  • Spanish (Standard) – es-ES

  • French (Standard) – fr-FR

  • Italian (Standard) – it-IT

  • Dutch (Standard) – nl-NL

estos product combinations

The following combinations with estos products are approved for use with MetaDirectory 6 Enterprise:

  • ProCall 8 Enterprise
  • ProCall 7 Enterprise 
  • LiveChat 2


To upgrade an existing MetaDirectory installation, be sure to follow the upgrade procedure.

Please make a backup of your environment before each update.

Further information

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