ProCall Enterprise 7.2.3 will be released on  as a maintenance release.

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)



  • For softphone connections to Alcatel PBXs, no "Forwarded from" information was displayed for incoming calls. The "Forwarded from" is now formed on Alcatel PBXs if the number in the "To:" is different from the number in the SIP Request Line.
  • For the public permission level between users, discrepancies between the official documentation and the behavior of the software have been fixed. The behavior is now based on the existing documentation (for details see client help in the "Permissions" item or
    Furthermore, the visibility of the contact picture in the public permission level has been removed.
  • Improved the behavior of softphone users who wanted to make a call to a Skype for Business user. Skype for Business could not handle certain a-lines in the SIP sdp of the ProCall softphone. The corresponding lines are now filtered out.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a permission problem when monitoring, setting call forwarding, or picking up calls from "additional lines" if they were not assigned to a user.
  • Resolved an issue that after restarting the UCServer and re-logging in all clients, their idle/inactive presence from before the restart was no longer displayed. Instead, these users were displayed as green/present. Now the appropriate presence, such as idle, is displayed again.

ProCall for iOS 7.2.31 (21100403)

  • The loudspeaker now remains activated if it was switched on during ringing and a call is established.
  • Sending log files was not possible with some e-mail apps. This has been fixed.
Bug fixes
  • On the ProCall Mac client, a problem with starting the client has been fixed.
  • Until now, the first phone number stored in the contact was dialed when calling back from the action list in the call list. Now a selection menu appears with all stored phone numbers of the contact that can be dialed.

ProCall for Android 7.2.31 (21092903)

Bug fixes
  • If you called a TextChat conversation during an ongoing VideoChat, it was no longer possible to return to the VideoChat. This problem has been fixed.

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