Welcome to ProCall 8 Enterprise – Service Release 3

With the third service release of ProCall 8 Enterprise, we are continuing on our chosen course and increasing both performance and functionality with a package of improvements and new features. New features such as call pickup in all TC scenarios (both on the softphone and via CTI) expand the possibilities for use with various PBXs for TAPI lines and SIP lines. ProCall Enterprise now also supports softphone functionality with the STARFACE White Label PBX. Integration of ChatGPT via API enables easy use of AI ( Artificial Intelligence) for your daily work directly in the ProCall client. In the ProCall mobile app for iOS, we have redesigned the call window. We have also made improvements to the ProCall App for Microsoft Teams. The contact data editor has been further improved. For administration and management of the ProCall Enterprise installation, the UCServer status monitor now offers a better overview of existing licenses and active users.

Picking up calls in all TC constellations

With Service Release 3 for ProCall 8 Enterprise, full support of call pickup is possible in all PBX scenarios: Now pickup can be implemented directly on the UCServer and is less dependent on PBX-specific functions.

  • Call pickup – full support:Call pickup full support: You can now pick up calls in almost any TC scenario. Pickup now works not only via feature codes, but can also be implemented directly on the UCServer. This means that call pickup now also works between TAPI lines and SIP lines.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of PBXs: By implementing pickup directly on the UCServer, there is less dependency on the PBX architecture functionalities: regardless of whether you use TAPI, SIP extension (subscriber registration) or SIP trunk registration, we now offer full support. This applies to a wide range of PBXs, including Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server (OXE) , innovaphone, Mitel MX-One, STARFACE, Unify OpenScape Business, Unify OpenScape 4000 or Cloud PBXs (in conjunction with ECSTA for SIP Phones).
  • Multisite call pickup: Matching company size or system complexity, including cross-site and cross-line scenarios, ProCall now allows calls to be brought in.
  • For SIP lines, call pickup can now be handled internally in the UCServer and configured accordingly.
  • If TAPI lines are involved, the PBXs must support corresponding features (SIP 302 or LineRedirect) to external.

Here you can find the updated overview for individual PBXs/PBX for ProCall Enterprise:

Supported telephony functions/function overview

Connection instructions for telephone systems

Use ChatGPT easily and intuitively from ProCall

With the new extension of ProCall Enterprise by supporting the interface to ChatGPT, you can now make requests to ChatGPT directly in your ProCall Enterprise client in the chat window and quickly obtain information such as text formulations or translations. If needed, you can refine the output results by making more specific queries.

  • Personal assistant at work: ChatGPT acts like your own digital assistant. It can help you gather information, create and improve texts, summarize relevant information, translate it into other languages, and provide solutions to common development problems.
  • Seamless interaction with ChatGPT: With the ProCall client, you can now interact directly with ChatGPT. Unlike Google, where you only submit search queries, ChatGPT enables true two-way conversations so you can fine-tune information through queries and clarifications.
  • OpenAI API and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service: You can now choose between the OpenAI API and the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, depending on your requirements and preferences.
  • Preview: ProCall Enterprise chat and DALL-E: As part of this update, you can now create your own images using ProCall Enterprise chat by simply entering text. This is possible thanks to the integration of DALL-E.

Learn more about the requirements, setup and usage of ChatGPT directly in ProCall 

New user experience for calls in the ProCall app for iOS

For the ProCall Mobile App for iOS, we have added the following new features:

  • Revamped in-app call window: The call window has been revamped and redesigned to not only look more appealing but also allow for more interaction and ease of use. It now leans more towards the conversation windows you're used to on iOS phones to give you a more seamless and intuitive user experience.
  • Bluetooth audio device support: You now have even more options to communicate with comfort and freedom. This new feature allows you to use any Bluetooth audio device for your conversations – whether headphones, speakers, or your car's audio system.
  • Call hold and call waiting feature: Manage your SIP and GSM calls with the new call hold and call waiting feature. Now you can answer or end a second call on the GSM line during an SIP call.
  • Minimize/Maximize the call window: Stay flexible during your calls! You can now minimize the call window to access other apps or features on your phone, and then maximize it again to return to your call.
  • Connection quality display: We want our customers to always be informed about the quality of their calls. That's why the app now shows you the current connection quality, so you can always ensure the best calling conditions.

Enjoy these exciting new features and stay even more connected with the ProCall mobile app for iOS. Your feedback is important to us, and we look forward to making further improvements based on it.



The quality is poor/very poor


The quality is moderate/average

The quality is good/very good

Softphone can now also be used with the STARFACE White Label telephone system

We are excited to introduce our latest update – the integration and support of softphone functionality for STARFACE White Label PBXs in the ProCall solution.

  • Softphone support for STARFACE White Label:

Learn more about ProCall Enterprise and STARFACE White Label Connection instructions and supported telephony features

Improvements to the contact data editor

We are pleased to introduce our latest update to the contact information editor in UCServer. With better integration into business processes and a more user-friendly interface, this update aims to make managing your contact information even more efficient.

  • Alias for URLs: You can now assign aliases for URLs, which greatly simplifies display and integration with third-party systems.
  • WYSIWYG: As usual, our improved design includes "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) functionality, which ensures you an accurate preview of your input. This increases usability and efficiency when working with the contact data editor.
  • Direct output to ProCall client: All changes you make in the contact data editor are output directly to the ProCall client. This ensures an immediate and transparent update of all contact information edited in ProCall.

Increased usability of the ProCall App for Microsoft Teams

We are pleased to introduce the latest version of the ProCall App for Microsoft Teams. This has been improved with a special focus on usability and now offers a streamlined and more intuitive user experience.

  • Improved line settings: Line settings have been redesigned to be more user-friendly and intuitive. This makes it easier to customize your communication preferences and ensures seamless integration into your everyday work.
  • Optimized contact information: Viewing and editing contact information has also been improved. This makes it easier for you to manage your contacts and promotes more productive and efficient communication.
  • Revised journal display: The communication journal display has been optimized to give you a quick and clear overview of your past communication. This helps you keep track of your communication history and have important information quickly at hand.
  • Further improvements to the user interface and handling

Improved overview in UCServer status monitor

The UCServer status monitor is available for an overview of the administration of your ProCall Enterprise system. You can find it in the UCServer Administration under the Server Status  menu item.

  • Improved overview of logged in users
  • Improved overview of used licenses

Improvements and bug fixes

ProCall Enterprise (Core)


New functions
  • There are new features and corrections around the "Pickup" topic:

    • "Pickup internal in UCServer"
      In the future, calls can be retrieved internally by the ProCall server, regardless of whether the connected telephone systems offer this via feature code or not.
      Depending on the configuration, this is also possible across several line groups of the ProCall server (e.g. line groups with softphone subscriber interface, softphone SIP trunk interface, TAPI/ECSTA connections).
      The feature can be activated in the softphone line groups in the "Feature codes" tab by checking "Execute pickup internally in UCServer". For newly created softphone line groups, the check mark is activated by default (not for OEMs and Voice Services).
    • "TAPI picks-up SIP"
      A telephone connected via TAPI/ECSTA can also pick up softphone calls in the future. This works either with a classic pickup feature code of the telephone system (by activating "Execute pickup as pickup") or through the UCServer via redirect.
  • Softphone support for STARFACE White Label has been approved and the appropriate profile is now available in the UCServer administration.
  • ChatGPT and DALL-E integration can now be configured via the UCServer administration.
  • On the ProCall client for Windows, the loading of the manufacturer-specific headset DLLs for call control (HID) has been improved. In individual cases it was observed that a DLL was loaded by the ProCall client for Windows while the driver software of the headset was not yet ready. As a result, call control via headset buttons was not available.
    In the future, not all supported headset DLLs will be loaded at program start, but only the DLLs of the actually plugged and already recognized headsets. Therefore the DLLs will be loaded a bit later and the driver software of the headset gets more time for initialization.

  • The UCServer status monitor has been revised to make it easier to see how many users are logged in and consuming licenses. In general, the status monitor has been cleaned up.
Bug fixes
  • Several crashes of the ProCall client for Windows have been fixed.
  • A problem with the ProCall client for Windows has been solved that during autostart after Windows startup the client did not always automatically log on to the UCServer.
  • Fixed an issue where ProCall client for Windows did not automatically connect to UCServer after Windows hibernation.
  • Resolved an issue that in a real-time communication it was not possible to grant control for a screen share when special settings were set to Busy on Busy.
  • Fixed a problem that the STUN/TURN server connection test was called again and again as soon as you went to the "Online licenses" item in the UCServer administration.
Improvements and bug fixes to the ChatApp
  • Various minor bug fixes and layout improvements.
  • The connection setup of the ChatApp to the UCServer has been revised so that TLS connections are preferred.

ProCall for iOS 8.3.00 (23101205)


New functions
  • Contacts from the smartphone address book can now be called using voice control with the ProCall app for iOS. Calls in progress can be ended using voice control.
  • The call window for softphone calls and audio/video chats displays the connection quality.
    When you click on the connection quality icon, the specific values are displayed.

  • Under My -> Settings there is a new entry "Call groups". This makes it possible to log in/out of a call group from LiveChat when using ProCall Voice Services or the multimedia business card or contact portal. Logging on to ACD groups is also possible (but not for telephone systems that require logging on to an ACD group with additional logon parameters).
  • In addition to the indication that the remote station is busy, a busy tone is played.
Bug fixes
  • Several crashes have been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with loading administrative favorite contacts when switching users.

ProCall for Android 8.3.00 (23101901)


New functions
  • There is a new entry called "Call groups" in the settings. This makes it possible to log in/out of a call group from LiveChat when using ProCall Voice Services or the multimedia business card or contact portal. Logging on to ACD groups is also possible (but not for telephone systems that require logging on to an ACD group with additional logon parameters).
Bug fixes
  • Several crashes have been fixed.
  • Logging out of the app now results in a correct logout from the server in all cases.
  • Anonymous calls were displayed incorrectly in the journal.

Known problems and limitations

ProCall Enterprise known problems and limitations

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