The release for ixi-UMS 7 Business was released on 01.10.2020!

Highlights of Version 7

  • A new design of the admin web interface
  • ixi-UMS Business Portal
  • Targets for automatic printing
  • Send test messages for fax, voice and SMS
  • Direct selection of the cover page in the user administration
  • Display transmitted SMS texts in a report
  • Read/Unread flag in the web journal 

Notes on the upgrade procedure for major release changes

Before you replace an existing installation with ixi-UMS 7 Business, please note the upgrade procedure.

Welcome to ixi-UMS 7 Business

ixi-UMS Business, the powerful, simple, complete package for small and medium-sized companies, integrates the services fax, voice and SMS in system environments such as Microsoft Exchange or HCL Domino and also provides mobile access to all messages. For companies that do not have their own groupware/e-mail server, ixi-UMS Business offers optional use without an e-mail server. All UMS messages are then received via a web-based journal and sent via an ixi-UMS sending client.

The new version 7 of ixi-UMS Business offers new functions and an even clearer administration. Installation times are further minimized.

Scope and features:

  • The interface is available in German and English
  • Transmission of fax, voice, SMS messages
  • Receipt of faxes and voice messages
  • Receive ixi-UMS messages in the mail client or only in ixi-UMS Web Journal
  • ixi-UMS message sending from the mail client and/or the SMTP client of ixi-UMS client tools
  • Setting MWI (Message Waiting Indication) when using the XCAPI - ixi-UMS Business SIP variant
  • Inbound printing for 5 entries
  • ixi-UMS voice mailbox
    • 3 Permission levels
    • 6 Profiles
    • Create announcement via TTS (Text to Speech)
    • Listening to voice messages and e-mails on the phone (when using a mail server):
      • Reply, forward (each with comment) and call back the sender of voice messages
      • Replies to e-mails (with voice commentary)
  • ixi-UMS Business Portal with:
    • Change password for local user administration
    • ixi-UMS Web Journal
    • ixi-UMS User Information
    • ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox Configuration

New design for the admin web interface

The web configuration interface has a new, fresher design. The simple and intuitive setup of ixi-UMS Business is now even clearer and more user-friendly.

5 entries for automatic printing

Now 5 target phone numbers/extension entries can be configured. For each entry, a different network printer can be specified. 

Send test messages for fax, voice and SMS

Test messages for fax, voice and SMS can be generated from the queue. The transmission result or information about transmission problems are displayed in the ixi-UMS kernel journal.

Direct selection of the cover page in the user administration

The folder name with the cover page/fax cover page to be used can be selected in the interface. Until now the name had to be entered.

Display pages in ixi-UMS Business Portal

The administrator can define if and which pages are displayed in the ixi-UMS Business Portal.

  • ixi-UMS Web Journal
  • ixi-UMS User Information

The ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox Configuration is automatically displayed in the ixi-UMS Business Portal when the "Voice-Mailbox" function is activated.

Read/Unread flag in ixi-UMS Web Journal

Users can mark the entries in the ixi-UMS Web Journal as read or unread. The entries can also be hidden in the ixi-UMS Web Journal view.

ixi-UMS Business Portal

Contains the ixi-UMS Web Journal (optional), ixi-UMS User Information (optional), ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox Configuration (this is activated with the ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox Function):

  • Provides the ixi-UMS Business Portal.
  • Access between ixi-UMS User Portal, ixi-UMS Portal Server, ixi-UMS components and the WEB applications of the ixi-UMS User Portal is secured by a JWT token.
  • The user can set the display language (DE/EN).

Available browser-based web modules:

  • ixi-UMS Web Journal
    View incoming and outgoing messages and feedback in ixi-UMS Web Journal
  • ixi-UMS User Settings
    Information about fax, SMS, voice permissions 
  • ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox Configuration
    The browser-based configuration interface for the ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox

The ixi-UMS Portal Server has merged the previous individual web pages. Therefore only one web page call to the portal server is necessary. In ProCall Enterprise only one CustomTab for ixi-UMS is necessary. Single Sign-on (SSO) is also supported by the ixi-UMS Enterprise Portal Server.

Via the "UMS" custom tab you can access your own portal server page

ixi-UMS Client Tools

  • TLS support for the SMTP client (TLS=Transport Layer Security).
    TLS is a protocol for encrypting data transfers on the internet.
  • The ixi-UMS SMTP Client now has a simple address book. The address book can be opened in the ixi-UMS Client.
    • The address book is a text file. A transfer of data is possible. The corresponding formatting must be considered.
      You can find more information in the corresponding help file of the client tools.

Language variants

  • Deutsch/German (Standard) – de-DE
  • English (United States) – en-US

estos product combinations

The following combinations with estos products are approved for use with ixi-UMS 7 Business Integration 6. 

  • ProCall Enterprise 7.x
  • ProCall Enterprise 6.x


When upgrading an existing ixi-UMS Business installation, it is essential that you follow the notes on the upgrade procedure

Always make a backup before making any changes to an existing installation.


The End of Sales (EOS) of ixi-UMS 6 Business is declared on 31.12.2020.

The Support and Service – End of Maintenance (EOM) for ixi-UMS 6 Business is declared on 31.05.2021 and the End of Life (EOL) on 01.06.2021.

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