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ProCall Enterprise 7.6.1 was released on  as a service release.

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Welcome to ProCall 7 Enterprise – Service Release 6

With ProCall 7 Enterprise SR 6 there is the possibility to connect the cloud PBX ProCall Voice Services.

ProCall Voice Services is the perfect extension (add-on) to our proven unified communications & CTI software ProCall Enterprise with selected business telephony functions from the cloud.

  • Complete offering of on-premises UC solution & business telephony from the cloud.
  • Perfectly matched extension to ProCall Enterprise with excellent integration.
  • All functions and advantages of ProCall Enterprise are available without restriction.
  • Fast setup and easy administration.
  • Flexible licensing and expansion or reduction of users.
  • Risk-free due to monthly terminability without long-term binding terms.
  • Secure due to standard encryption and server location in Germany.

The advantage: Communication and telephony from a single source - you benefit from an excellently coordinated complete package that can be set up quickly and administered easily according to the well-known estos "continue-ready" principle.

You remain flexible, because licensing as well as the extension or reduction by individual users can be carried out easily by yourself, if required. In addition, we allow monthly cancellation and do without long binding terms.

ProCall Enterprise (Core)


New features
  • The Media Server is now shipped to work without the CPU's SSE instruction set.
  • When disabling the permission to use video chat, the client now also hides the corresponding icons in the user's presence.
  • For VideoChat connections via Remote Desktop (RDP), there were problems with the wizard in some environments. If a camera was added by a new RDP connection, the wizard opened to confirm the new camera. If the camera was confirmed by 'Finish', the wizard would pop up again on the next RDP connection in case of an error. In the future, the correct camera will be selected automatically as expected.
Bug fixes
  • A crash at the start of the UCServer setup was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying appointments in the bubble when the appointments were configured as all-day appointments over multiple days.
  • Fixed a file transfer issue when the path to the image was too long.
  • Fixed an issue with Meetings integration on ProCall client for Windows when there were problems with an existing but not working IPv6 connection.
  • Fixed a problem with the bar graph of the audio/video quality display in the ProCall Windows client. When a screen share was added during an audio/video chat, the quality was displayed too poorly.
  • If a pcap trace (Wireshark readable) was created for SIP softphone connections, very long SIP messages were truncated and were therefore not readable. This problem has been fixed. 
  • If the trace level was set to 'Debug' on the server, quite a lot of traces on the topic 'DND Dbg' were generated under certain circumstances. These traces have been deactivated.

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