MetaDirectory Enterprise 5.0.15 was released on as a maintenance release.

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Please make a backup of your environment before each update.

MetaDirectory 5 Enterprise

New functions/Improvements

  • When connecting to MS Dynamics online, the "Accounts" and "Leads" fields are now also made available via the interface and can be replicated.
    In addition, queries can be included using Fetch XML statements.
  • The SIP address is now displayed in the search result in the web interface and can be "clicked on".

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the TVG Phonebook web service registration did not work.
  • In Text/CSV replicator the allowed character length for fields that are imported has been increased to 65535.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to recreate/edit after updating to MetaDirectory 5 Enterprise to version 5.0.13.
  • If in MetaDirectory the user management was set to UCServer user management, the logon to the node was not performed. The problem has been fixed.

  • The problem with the "Communication Error" occurring during the import when accessing via LDAP has been fixed.
  • If the connection to an Active Directory via TLS was activated in MetaDirectory, the user accounts in Active Directory were locked. This error has been fixed.
  • Special characters in the replicator name prevented contacts from being found when user management was enabled. Special characters are now prevented from being entered in the replicator name.
  • Contact lists could be exported via web server despite 'Restriction' being set in the profile. The menu item is now hidden if 'Restriction' is enabled in the profile. The menu item is grayed out if no restriction is set, but also no contacts were found.

  • Due to incorrect requests via HTTP, MetaDirectory was terminated. These requests are now intercepted.

Known issues and limitations

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Further Information

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