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ProCall DataCenter 2403.0 was released on  as a feature update.

When performing the update, please follow the instructions for the update within a product version
  • When updating from a ProCall DataCenter version <= 2303.x, please follow the update instructions for version 2306.0
  • When updating from versions <=2210.5 to a version >= 2403.0, you must update to one of the two versions 2306.0 or 2310.0 as an intermediate step so that the contents of the configuration database relating to line management are migrated correctly;

ProCall DataCenter 2403.0 (Build 8888)


New functions

  • The HomeServer is now displayed both in the line overview and in the line details.
  • The Redis connection now supports the use of a Redis-Sentinel network.
  • Saving the BuildIn administrator password in the UCServer Administration login dialog can now be prevented.


  • Improvement when writing configuration entries
  • Improvement in the multi-admin administration of lines through "locking" during write operations
  • Performance improvement in UCServer administration when adding/removing/modifying SIP lines
  • To improve performance and multi-admin capability, only SIP lines that have actually been changed are communicated individually by UCServer Administration to UCServer.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented a cross-server call pickup  
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the current appointments of chat contacts from being displayed across servers  

  • When "Applying" a setting in the UCServer administration, a problem has been fixed in which the configuration database was displayed as connected after clicking on "Apply" if the configuration database was not connected, although it was still not connected. 

Known problems and limitations

We publish known problems and limitations on the following pages

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