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ProCall Enterprise 7.5.0 will be released on  as a service release.

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Welcome to ProCall 7 Enterprise – Service Release 5

With the introduction of ProCall 7 Enterprise's 5th service release, the focus is on voice quality. The two HD Voice Codecs Opus and G.722 are now supported for the SIP Softphone functionality in the direction of the telephone system or end devices on a telephone system..

Full-scale tests were performed on the two PBXs Mitel MiVoice Office 400 and Unify OpenScape Business. However, you can also activate the use of HD codecs on other telephone systems.

For technical details please refer to this Articles from our support area.

ProCall Enterprise (Core)


New features
  • The "Media" tab in softphone line groups in UCServer administration has been adapted so that Opus and G.722 can be activated and prioritized.
    There will be no automatic adjustment for already existing line groups. This has to be done manually.
    If new line groups are created, HD Voice is activated for approved telephone systems.
  • In the ProCall SDK there is now a WebView2 example for a call window extension "CWE_JournalForward".
  • On the ProCall Enterprise softphone, the UAS response "SIP 503 Service Unavailable" is now supported during registration. The "Retry-After" header is read and the registration is retried according to its value.
Bug fixes
  • Several rare crashes on the ProCall Client for Windows have been fixed.
  • In the online help of the ProCall client for Windows, obsolete journal icons have been updated.
  • For the softphone connection to Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect telephone systems, a problem with call forwarding has been fixed. If a softphone was in a call with an internal phone and the phone forwarded the call to another phone (via "blind transfer"), the forwarding attempt was interrupted and the call was hung up. In the future, the forwarding destination will be reached and the call can be held. In technical detail, a SIP referral was sent to the softphone during forwarding, but this was answered with a "not implemented". Now the SIP referral is answered positively by the softphone and the call to the forwarding destination is established on a subordinate basis.

  • Fixed an issue on the softphone that could result in one-sided audio when the remote party performed Hold → Retrieve.

ProCall for iOS 7.5.00 (22062303)


Bug fixes
  • Various minor bug fixes.

ProCall for Android 7.5.00 (22061505)


New features
  • The Android app now supports dialing via telephony links.
Bug fixes
  • Several crashes have been fixed.

Known problems and limitations

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