ProCall Enterprise 7.1.6 was released on  as a maintenance release.

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)


  • A technical detail has been improved for calls with softphone during hold/retrieve to avoid unnecessary new ICE candidates during the media connection. The call could be continued, but the hold/retrieve is more efficient without this error.

  • If a held softphone call is retrieved, then the audio stream is now reconnected faster.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed several crashes on the ProCall Client for Windows.
  • Fixed a crash on ProCall Client for Windows when calling back the subscriber in the "Dialtone" state in the still open call window.
  • A caller could not be transferred (via "blind transfer") on the softphone if the call had previously been placed on "hold".
  • Fixed a crash in ProCall Client for Windows when starting a video chat from the contact details by double-clicking.
  • Fixed an issue on ProCall Client for Windows where the mute status of the microphone was displayed incorrectly after retrieving a held call.

  • In certain cases, a call that was in consultation could not be ended. This has been fixed.
  • In certain cases, when retrieving a held call, the call was hung up. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Remote Desktop Services or Citrix environments, the presence setting "inactive when the console is locked" caused the presence to be permanently set to "inactive".
  • With the Windows client, the change to the new call partner was not displayed after a transfer in the case of an accepted softphone call. In some cases, the "Hold: xxx" party was also displayed for an incoming consultation call. This display also remained after the softphone call was connected to the held party. Now the display changes correctly again after a consultation transfer. The new call partner and the "Forwarded by" participant are displayed if the telephone system provides corresponding information.

ProCall for iOS 7.1.62 (21050506)


Bug fixes
  • Hotfix from : Fixed a crash during a video call.
  • Several crashes have been fixed.
  • The loudspeaker now remains activated if it was switched on during ringing and a call is established.
  • Fixed an issue where nothing could be heard in VideoChat.
  • The internal phone numbers are now displayed correctly in the call list.
  • In certain cases it happened that TextChat messages were not displayed. This has been fixed.

ProCall for Android 7.1.61 (21041903)


  • If you are logged out of ProCall Mobile and want to share content with another ProCall Mobile user from another app, the login window will now appear.
  • Notifications for missed calls and text messages are now removed from the smartphone home screen when the app is opened.
  • The log files have been extended. Connection data is now also always recorded at the beginning and end of each softphone call/AVchat. Connection data is now also recorded during a softphone/AVChat when the app is in the background.
Bug fixes
  • Several crashes have been fixed.
  • An empty message (only spaces) could be sent in TextChat. This bug is now fixed.
  • The display of "Recent conversations" when sharing content with a ProCall Mobile contact is now displayed correctly.
  • An error with the presence display in the search of administratively specified favorite contacts has been fixed.
  • A file with .jpeg extension was not correctly recognized as an image in TextChat. This error has been fixed.

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