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ProCall Enterprise 8.3.5 was released on  as a maintenance release.

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ProCall 8 Enterprise SR3 Release Notes

Please also see the ProCall 8 Enterprise SR3 Release Notes

ProCall Enterprise (Core)


Bug fixes
  • Fixed a crash of the UC Media Server in the libgstaudio-1.5-0.dll module.
  • Fixed a problem on the UCServer that administrative keys in group settings could not be saved if there were a lot of keys.
  • Fixed a problem with the function "Execute pickup internally in UCServer" where in some constellations it was no longer possible to place a call.
  • Fixed a problem with the ProCall Client for Windows where manually configured data sources below the Windows contacts were not saved and were therefore no longer available after restarting the client.
  • Fixed a problem with the ProCall Client for Windows where journal notes were not saved.
  • Fixed a problem with the Microsoft SQL Server database connection on UCServer where the connection did not work when using certain special characters in the authentication.
  • A problem has been solved where the UM Replicator could not delete computers in the user administration.
Improvements and bug fixes to the ChatApp
  • Various minor bug fixes and layout improvements.

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