ProCall Enterprise 7.2.2 was released on  as a maintenance release.

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)

  • A more tolerant processing of the Diversion header has been implemented for softphone connections to Panasonic PBXs. Previously, a missing 'sip:' prefix was classified as incorrect and therefore discarded. Now Diversion headers without 'sip:' prefix are also processed. These are then displayed in the client as "Forwarded from:".
    Example with 'sip:' prefix: "Diversion: Mustermann, Max <sip:302@>;reason=unconditional".
    Example without 'sip,:' prefix: "Diversion: Mustermann, Max <302@>;reason=unconditional"

  • Improvements to the softphone's caller ID and pickup journal have been implemented.
    • If the PBX does not provide a legible phone number (e.g. "iuziuziu_oioi") in the PAI during pickup, the pickup number is preferably determined by the server. Previously, the pickup number was only determined by the server if a PBX did not supply a call number of the connected subscriber (PAI or similar).
    • In some cases, the number of the pickup destination was displayed in the Windows client with the prefixed feature code as 'Forwarded by' for the pickup subscriber. This meant that no contact could be determined. Now the prefixed feature code is removed and the canonical number is determined internally via location data. Therefore the correct number and the contact of the subscriber (if available) can be displayed, from which was fetched.

    • If a call is picked up or answered by another phone, the called subscriber receives a 'Cancel' from the PBX. If the PBX provides a matching reason code in the 'Cancel', the call is no longer displayed as 'unanswered' in the Journal Browser, for example. Either Q.850 formatted reason codes (cause=26; text="Non selected user-clearing") or SIP formatted reason codes (cause=200;text="Call completed elsewhere") are supported. These reason codes are widely used, but there are also implementations that do not provide a reason code in the 'Cancel'.

  • A more tolerant processing of the PAI (P-Asserted-Identity, cf. like 'Connected Number') was implemented. During a 'ReInvite' a PAI with an empty domain was transferred, whereby a subscriber with an unknown number ('anonymous') was then displayed in the call window. Now numbers received in such a PAI without domain are also processed (e.g. 'P-Asserted-Identity: sip:00815136856177@').
Bug fixes
  • Several crashes of the ProCall Client for Windows have been fixed.

  • Rarely occurring disconnections during softphone calls were fixed. In case of an error, a call was hung up after 2 minutes with "Timeout connection setup".
  • Fixed an issue in the chat window of chat rooms that the presence of contacts was not displayed if they were not in the favorites/monitor.
  • Fixed an issue with UCServer administration in the Lines section that caused the administration interface to rarely hang when lines were activated.
  • Fixed a rare crash of the ProCall Client for Windows during a screen share.

ProCall for iOS 7.2.20 (21081801)

HOTFIX  ProCall für iOS 7.2.21 (21091102)

  • Log files can be sent by email again (I->Information-> Provide log files)
Bug fixes
  • HOTFIX Crashes when logging into the app have been fixed. However, under certain circumstances, there may be an incorrect order in the journal of the iOS app after the hotfix. This problem will be fixed as soon as possible.
  • When changing the password in ActiveDirectory, there were problems with logging out or logging in with a new password in the app. This problem has been fixed.

ProCall for Android 7.2.20 (21081306)

  • Log files can now be shared via email, Dropbox, etc.
Bug fixes
  • Several crashes have been fixed.
  • In case of too many unread text messages, an incorrect behavior occurred. This bug has been fixed.
  • Occasionally, calls were not signaled in the app when the smartphone was in deep sleep mode. This obsolescence has now been fixed.

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