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ProCall Enterprise 8.4.2 was released on  as a Quality Update. A Hotfix was released on .

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ProCall 8 Enterprise Release Notes 8.4 Feature Update

Please also see the ProCall 8 Enterprise Release Notes 8.4 Feature Update

ProCall Enterprise (Core)

HOTFIX Version


Bug fixes
  • HOTFIX on A problem has been solved in which incorrect journal entries were created when dialing on the physical terminal device.
  • Fixed a problem where the Multiline TSP and the Remote TSP could no longer connect to a UCServer version 8.4.x or higher.
  • A problem in the mobile apps has been solved where the order of push messages was sometimes incorrect and unprocessed calls were therefore incorrectly marked as processed.
  • Clicking on the desktop notification for a new chat message now opens the correct conversation.
  • In the ProCall client for Windows, it is now also possible to create a group chat in the new chat in the favorites or monitor by right-clicking on a group.
  • A crash of the UCServer after time-controlled deletion of the journal has been fixed
  • A problem with the number resolution of local calls has been fixed.
  • A problem with the display of the local MSN (" tenant function") in connection with the ECSTA for SIP Phones has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with the UCServer softphone connection when many line groups were configured. Sometimes the SIP contact header was filled out incorrectly.
  • A problem on the UCServer has been fixed if the UCServer computer is not a member of the AD domain and a user who is not activated for ProCall logs on. In this case, TCP connections to the domain controller no longer remain open.

Improvements and bug fixes to the ChatApp
  • Various minor bug fixes and layout improvements

ProCall für Android 2024.04.25 (24042504)


Bug fixes
  • Various bug fixes and crashes have been resolved.

ProCall app for Microsoft Teams

Bug fixes
  • The function "Start AudioChat resp. VideoChat" has been temporarily deactivated as it is not supported in the new Microsoft Teams client and caused the application to crash. A callback for audio and video chats can now be made by phone.
For the full range of functions, please replace ProCall Manifest file  "" through the Administrator again in Microsoft Teams Admin Center upload and install in the latest ProCall app for Microsoft Teams from the cloud.

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