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ProCall Enterprise 8.3.3 was released on  as a maintenance release.

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ProCall 8 Enterprise SR3 Release Notes

Please also see the ProCall 8 Enterprise SR3 Release Notes

ProCall Enterprise (Core)


  • If the chat has been globally deactivated in the basic services via the UCServer administration, it will no longer be displayed in the ProCall client for Windows.
  • The ProCall client for Windows now also loads the Sennheiser SDK for call control via headsets if the device is an EPOS headset.
  • The headset manufacturer Yealink has provided a new HID-SDK DLL (version to solve known problems with virus scanners and button events. The new DLL has been tested with the following Yealink headset types:

    • USB Headset UH36
    • BH72 Lite in conjunction with the BT51 Bluetooth dongle
    • BH76 in conjunction with the BT51 Bluetooth dongle

    The DLL supports other headset types from the manufacturer. Note: the DLL is only loaded if Yealink headsets are used.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a crash of the ProCall client for Windows when making a call.
    The cause was a faulty version of WebView2 Runtime supplied by Microsoft. Details can also be found here: ProCall client crashes during MakeCall and other actions
  • A problem with the WebService that is delivered with the UCServer has been solved. The configuration files of the contact portal or LiveChat are now respected again.
  • For external contacts (e.g. from the MetaDirectory, Outlook, ODBC, etc.), the information on position and department, if available, is displayed again if they have been added to the favorites or monitor.
  • Fixed a hang-up of the ProCall client when special HID devices were connected to the system.
Improvements and bug fixes to the ChatApp
  • Various minor bug fixes and layout improvements.

Known problems and limitations

ProCall Enterprise

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