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ProCall Enterprise 7.4.1 was released on  as a maintenance release.

This update fixes a security vulnerability of high rating (CVSS 3.1 Score 7.5)

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)

General information

The Yealink SDK for call control was removed from the ProCall client for Windows due to false positive virus scanner warnings.
However, it is still possible to re-enable the function by manually copying the corresponding DLL. You can obtain the DLL (libyealinkusbsdk.dll) from Yealink. Please note the details here in any case: After updating to Draft:, the ProCall client does not start and a message appears at Sophos 

  • In the user management of the UCServer administration, the display of whether a user is logged in is now automatically updated in the "Active" column.
  • In the user management of the UCServer administration, the connection of a device can be disconnected for users in the "Status" tab by right-clicking. Please note, however, that under certain circumstances mechanisms for reconnecting to the client may lead to a new logon. This function is therefore only intended for "stuck" connections.
Bug fixes
  • The security vulnerability CVE-2018-25032 has been closed. You can find more details here:
    Knowledgebase … Current: Security advice: Vulnerability to zlib memory corruption (CVE-2018-25032) Security advice: Vulnerability to zlib memory corruption (CVE-2018-25032)
  • A problem was solved on ProCall client for Windows when a different default port for the connection to the UCServer was configured via the My Computer settings.
  • Fixed a problem with displaying lines from other users in the monitor or favorites, which were configured as additional lines and therefore should be visible to other users.
  • Fixed an issue on ProCall client for Windows that an action was not performed on "On call end" event for incoming calls.
  • Resolved an issue where call forwarding could no longer be set when using the Avaya Attachments TAPI Service Provider for IP Office.
  • Resolved an issue with Microsoft Teams presence integration when activating more than 650 users.
  • A problem with the prioritization of the Outlook appointment status "working at another place" has been solved. This status overwrote concurrent appointments with status "busy" and displayed them as "free".

ProCall for iOS 7.4.11 (22050305)

HOTFIX from 


Bug fixes
  • HOTFIX Fixed an issue where the app could no longer connect correctly to the UCServer and would keep trying to connect.

  • Fixed a crash on the iPad when providing log files.
  • Various crashes have been fixed.

ProCall for Android 7.4.10 (22042001)

New functions
  • It is now possible to use the app in Dark Mode if it has been enabled via the phone settings.
  • The display of the SIP line in the dial dialog was displayed incorrectly when using the C+ITEC Universe Cloud PBX. This has been corrected.
  • The protection of sensitive data in the app has been improved. To protect sensitive information from potential attackers, the function to take screenshots of the app has been disabled by default. The user can manually enable the feature for 30 minutes via the app's 'Enable screenshots' setting if needed.
Bug fixes
  • Various crashes have been fixed.
  • After switching from the Android call window to the in-app call window, it was not possible to forward a softphone call. This has been corrected.
  • Resolved an issue where the phone was unmuted on a ProCall call.
  • Fixed a bug where the phone ringtone was signaled when the screen was not locked and the app was running in the background. Now, the ProCall ringtone is signaled for incoming calls. Also, the volume of the ProCall ringtone now adjusts to the system settings.

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