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ProCall Enterprise 8.1.1 was released on  as a maintenance release.

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)


Bug fixes
  • In the Firstcom Europe SIP connection, a problem with the recognition of calls and their assignment to users in the journal has been improved.
  • In mixed configurations of SIP trunk PBX connections and 'classic' registration to the PBX subscriber interface, the fixed ports from the SIP trunk in the 'Via' and in the 'Contact' were used for the registrations.
    Registrations now use their own auto-allocated ports again.
  • Hundreds of error mails are no longer produced in case of license problems towards UCConnect.
  • Licences are no longer deactivated/deleted if the connection to the estos licence server (via UCConnect) cannot be established due to malfunctions.
Improvements and bug fixes to the ChatApp
  • Menus have been adjusted in layout.
  • A tooltip for the presence of users has been added.
    Please note that the tooltip does not yet show the complete functionality that you are used to in the ProCall client for Windows (e.g. in the Favorites).
  • The read tags are automatically marked as read in the activities tab.
  • Navigation from the ProCall client to the ChatApp has been improved.
  • The logic of frequently used emojis has been improved.
  • Fixed problems with formatting XML-specific or other special characters.
  • Individual animations were improved

ProCall for iOS 8.1.0 (23033103).


General information about End-of-Life (EOL)
  • Improvements were made in the area of server communication in order to make the exchange of information between the iOS app and the UCServer more performant.

    This major change also required updates or extensions to the communication interface within the UCServer. Insofar as the UCServer is operated in a lower version status than 7.7.x, connection problems occur in the iOS app when connecting directly to the on-premise ProCall Enterprise Web Services. To resolve this issue, update the UCServer to at least version 7.7.0.

    More information can also be found here.

Bug fixes
  • Various crashes have been fixed.
  • A problem was solved that not all logs were packed into the archive when providing log files.
  • A problem with reconnecting to the UCServer was solved.

ProCall for Android 8.1.00 (23033101)


General information about End-of-Life (EOL)
Bug fixes
  • Various crashes have been fixed.

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ProCall Enterprise

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