MetaDirectory Enterprise 5.0.14 was released on as a maintenance release.

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Please make a backup of your environment before each update.

MetaDirectory 5 Enterprise

New functions/Improvements

  • The CRM Replicator for MS Dynamics 365 did not support the new authentication procedure for MS Dynamics 365. The new authentication procedure is now supported.
  • Enhancement of the Dynamics CRM Replicator with a new login. Adaptation of the aliases. Adjustment of the link (variable entry for primary key is now interpreted correctly). The CRM record is now opened properly.
  • Adjustments of texts (error messages).

Bug fixes

  • A crash in MetaServer.exe was fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a communication error with the local database (CSV) and Notes replicator.
  • Fixed a bug where the LDAP and ActiveDirectory replicator did not work if the LDAP server to be replicated was located on the same system as the MetaDirectory.
  • When the Meta service was restarted, all users had access to all data. Only when the replicators were run did the permissions work correctly and the respective users only saw the contacts allowed according to the relevant permissions.
    The error occurred when using the user management from the UCServer. The error was fixed

  • Fixed a problem where the database could not be removed via "Database management -> Remove database".
  • Changes made in MetaDirectory Administrator under Default search\Advanced... were reset after a server restart. The issue has been fixed.
  • For Exchange 2016 EWS Replicator, "Autodiscover" did not work. The error was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue in the Classic page web detail search (search term is not separated and stripped of commas).
  • Fixed a bug where the Classic page was copied, stored as a separate page and assigned to a separate LDAP node. This setting was not persisted over server restart.
  • Fixed a bug that caused replication problems with DATEV Basis after an update to MetaDirectory 5.x. Replication started and was terminated with "failed" after some time.

Known issues and limitations

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Further Information

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