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ProCall Enterprise 8.4.3 was released on  as a Quality Update.

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ProCall 8 Enterprise Release Notes 8.4 Feature Update

Please also see the ProCall 8 Enterprise Release Notes 8.4 Feature Update

ProCall Enterprise (Core)


  • The "Windows 10 App Integration" (Windows contacts) has been discontinued by Microsoft and is therefore no longer available when reinstalling the ProCall Client for Windows.
  • The behavior when saving and deleting the proxy settings via the UCServer administration has been improved.
Bug fixes
  • Various UCServer crashes have been resolved.
  • An error in the UCServer administration has been fixed that when multiselecting different users, the e-mail address of these users was overwritten when saving changed settings.
  • UCServer no longer sends notifications for reactions in the new chat if you are no longer an active member of the respective chat room
  • Fixed a problem with the media connection setup for audio/video chat or softphone with the "Remote Desktop Mode" function of the ProCall Client for Windows.
  • A problem with remote softphone calls was solved if mobile clients were logged in at the same time. If the user operating the Procall client in remote desktop mode was also logged on to the server via the mobile app, the call was rejected with "busy".
  • Fixed a problem with the ChatGPT integration when the maximum token length was reached. When the limit is reached, 50% of the context (calculated by letter) is now deleted.
  • A problem with the Softphone integration has been solved that on the ProCall Client for Windows the caller's held subscriber was no longer displayed for the target subscriber of a consultation call.
  • A problem has been solved on the Unify OpenScape Business SIP Trunk connection (system networking) that sometimes after toggling before connecting a consultation call between 2 subscribers, no more speech was transmitted when the connection was made.
  • Fixed a problem that occasionally caused the wrong contact to be evaluated in the contact header for the re-register interval in softphone connections.
  • The incorrect subject line in the “Forward note as email” function has been corrected.
Improvements and bug fixes to the ChatApp
  • Various minor bug fixes and layout improvements
General information on the end-of-life (EOL) of ProCall 7 Enterprise and effects on the mobile apps
  • Deployment of ProCall mobile apps – end of life

    This applies from  to the use of the mobile apps within a ProCall 7 Enterprise installation. These can therefore no longer be used in a ProCall 7 Enterprise environment from this date.

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