ProCall Enterprise 7.2.1 was released on  as a maintenance release.

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)


  • The profile for B.I.S. Telefonsysteme GmbH is renamed to bis. itk GmbH in the UCServer administration.

  • In the user management of the UCServer administration, the column "Use ProCall Meetings" can be displayed in the list of users to get an overview of which users have this service active.
  • The technical details of the behavior in the softphone SIP signaling were changed at the suggestion of a PBX manufacturer. If the ProCall server sends a Re-Invite (e.g. Hold) and the PBX responds in the 200 OK with a changed Contact, we apply the changed Contact in the request line already in the ACK for the 200 OK. Previously, the new Contact was only applied in the following Re-Invite (e.g. Retrieve).

  • Following a suggestion from a PBX manufacturer, the ProCall UCServer processes the Softphone SIP RTP profile more transparently if TLS/sRTP is set. Previously, the RTP profile had to be RTP/SAVP(F).
    In addition, the UCServer accepts the following variants for sRTP connections:

    • An RTP/AVP profile comes with Crypto. The UCServer responds with RTP/SAVP and Crypto.

    • There are two RTP profiles/m-lines: one with RTP/SAVP and Crypto and one with RTP/AVP without Crypto. The UCServer selects the RTP/SAVP and Crypto as active (sendrecv) m-line in the response, the other one is not active (inactive).

  • If a port range for media is specified for the softphone connection, the upper half of the ports are used for the media connection of the clients and the lower half for the media connection towards the PBX (SIP) or end devices.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a problem on the softphone connection that sometimes the SIP authentication info could not be found by the PBX. The problem also occurred on Alcatel PBXs when a call was internally redirected to the softphone line. If the redirecting user was not in the same softphone line group as the target subscriber, the line (and the authentication info) was not found.

ProCall for iOS 7.2.11 (21072701)


Bug fixes
  • In certain cases, the app crashed or unwanted calls were displayed when the user logged out of the app and the app was not connected to the server. To avoid this, logging out of the app is only possible when the smartphone is connected to the internet.
  • In the calls in the journal, the callback button was not visible in dark mode. This has been fixed.
  • In certain cases, no audio was heard in VideoChats. This bug has been fixed.

ProCall for Android 7.2.11 (21072301)


  • Adjusted the headings in the contact search.
Bug fixes
  • Some crashes were fixed
  • In isolated cases, it was not possible to accept an incoming call. This problem has been fixed.
  • An error in displaying an incoming or outgoing call of a contact has been fixed.
  • In certain cases, chat messages were displayed twice. The error has been fixed.

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