ProCall Enterprise 7.0.2 was released as a maintenance release on .

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)


New features
  • If only the duration of events should be displayed, subject and content can now be removed globally.
  • Screen sharing and content sharing is now also possible between ProCall, the contact portal, the multimedia business card and the LiveChat agent client.
  • Audio and video chats and softphone conversations are no longer immediately disconnected if the connection between client and server is briefly interrupted. 
  • UCServer Administrator
    • The number of users, groups and computers is displayed.
    • In the Event Viewer, field values can now more easily be copied to the clipboard or set directly as filters.
    • In the Event Viewer, the current scroll position is now kept, even if new log entries are loaded.
Bug fixes
  • Groups with more than 1,500 members can be correctly managed again.
  • With EWS connection, appointments with "Active at another location" now also set the presence to red.
  • When using MULAP groups, the ringing tone will stop again immediately after answering the call.
  • The special permission "See public events" can be changed again without changing the authorization level.
  • Fixed sporadic flickering of the camera image in the Audio/Video Wizard.
  • Even if call forwarding is set to "Accept, Hold and Transfer" for Panasonic softphone connections, administrative call forwarding can be used.

  • Contact card display errors with multi-line information have been fixed.
  • When using directly connected Bluetooth headsets, the ring tone is now played reliably.
  • Microsoft Active Directory authentication also works correctly again in cases where the UCServer is in a different domain to its users.

ProCall for iOS 7.0.21 (20082001)


  • The presentation of answers in the chat has been improved for text and images.
  • If an incompatible UCServer version is used, a message box is displayed.
Bug fixes
  • Some crashes have been fixed.
  • Problems with push notifications after an update or new installation were fixed.

ProCall for Android 7.0.20 (20081101)


New features
  • Content from any app can now be sent to ProCall users via the "Share in App" feature of Android.
  • Failed transmissions when sharing content are now automatically resent.
Bug fixes
  • Some crashes have been fixed. 
  • Improved behavior when the phone is offline and a call is made.
  • When an incoming video chat is accepted as audio chat, the own video is no longer transmitted.

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