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TypeMajor release (product release)
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More transparency thanks to online licensing

Notes on the upgrade procedure for major release change

Before replacing an existing installation with MetaDirectory 6 Enterprise, please refer to the upgrade procedure.

Welcome to MetaDirectory 6 Enterprise

MetaDirectory 6 Enterprise is the new generation and further development of the powerful directory service from version 5. The LDAP (Light Weight Directory Access) server merges different databases into a single, company-wide, consistent LDAP directory. The intelligent preparation of data, such as employee and customer contacts, enables easy searching and fast presentation of results. Thanks to the standardization of data into a uniform format (LDAP schema) and the automated normalization of phone numbers, an efficient search can be performed even in large and distributed databases.

More transparency thanks to online licensing

The days of loose license collections and long license histories are over. With MetaDirectory 6 Enterprise, license management moves to the cloud, transparently and clearly. In the UCConnect portal, trial licenses can be requested, licenses for MetaDirectory 6 Enterprise activated and associated contracts viewed. The online connection between UCConnect and MetaDirectory allows license changes to be made in real time, without access to the customer infrastructure.

Learn more about online licensing →

Notes on interoperability

End-of-life/end-of-support for the following third-party products that are no longer supported in the current release:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (End of Support through Microsoft)

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (End of Support through Microsoft)

Language versions administration interface

  • German (Standard) – de-DE
  • English (United States) – en-US

Language variations web portal

  • German (Standard) – de-DE

  • English (United States) – en-US

  • Spanish (Standard) – es-ES

  • French (Standard) – fr-FR

  • Italian (Standard) – it-IT

  • Dutch (Standard) – nl-NL

estos product combinations

The following combinations with estos products are approved for use with MetaDirectory 6 Enterprise:

  • ProCall 8 Enterprise
  • ProCall 7 Enterprise 
  • LiveChat 2


To upgrade an existing MetaDirectory installation, be sure to follow the upgrade procedure.

Be sure to perform a backup before making any changes to an existing installation.

Further information

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