ProCall Enterprise 7.3.5 was released on  as a maintenance release.

This update fixes a medium rating vulnerability (CVSS 3.1 score 6.1) and critical rating vulnerability (CVSS 3.1 Score 9.8):

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)

New functions
  • ProCall integration in Microsoft Teams: There is now an option to match presence between ProCall Enterprise and Microsoft Teams. For more details see ProCall integration in Microsoft Teams.

  • In softphone conferences, participants can hear short beeps when a participant joins or leaves the conference.
  • The matching of user names during the ProCall integration with Microsoft Teams can now also be performed manually via a CSV file if the user names in Azure AD and in the UCServer user management are different. For details see Start-up ProCall integration in Microsoft Teams
  • In the UCServer management, the item "Integration in Microsoft Teams" now shows how many users were found in Azure AD and how many are activated in UCServer for the Teams integration and assigned to the user in Azure AD.
  • The test for Microsoft Teams presence integration in UCServer management is now performed with the user specified in User Consent to exclude incorrect tests, such as with service accounts.
  • The softphone profile name "C+ITEC AG" has been changed to "Firstcom Europe AG".
  • For public permissions between users, the first and last name is now transferred in addition to the display name. So if there is no picture in the avatar, the abbreviation is formed from the first letter of the first name as well as the last name.
  • When loading administrative content from the monitor or favorites where the template file has been placed on a web server, the access method has been updated to better handle a TLS connection to that web server.
  • Via the UCServer administration "Events -> Delete log files" the logs of the Microsoft Teams integration are now also deleted.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a problem with Microsoft Teams integration when different IP address or port was set on UCServer for ProCall client connection.
  • The SIP softphone line status is now automatically updated if there was a SIP transport protocol change in the line group.
  • The problem with the Teams presence integration with hanging presences was resolved when there was an unexpected loss of connection to the Microsoft Graph API on the UCServer.
  • Resolved an issue with the recognition of certain Jabra headsets (such as the Jabra Pro 935), with which call control is now also possible.
  • Fixed a UCServer crash when the media server logging level was changed in UCServer management. The logging level of the media server is changed in the UCServer administrator under "General – Events – Media server events". Since changes in this location can have a significant impact on the performance of the media server, changes should only be made after being requested to do so by support.

ProCall for iOS 7.3.50 (22020401)


  • Logging has been improved
  • The visibility of the active menu tab in the menu has been improved.
Bug fixes
  • Resolved a problem with expired certificates.

ProCall for Android 7.3.50 (22020202)

Bug fixes
  • Fixed various crashes
  • When favorites were rolled out administratively, there was a failure in the contact search. The favorite contact was not displayed in the search when searching by last name. Now it is possible to search contacts from favorites with last name again.
  • The link in the invitation e-mail sent by the UCServer admin now passes the correct server data to the ProCall Android app.

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