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ProCall Enterprise 7.5.1 was released on  as a maintenance release.

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)


New functions
  • The database connection of the UCServer was revised so that parallel database accesses are possible. This generally improves the performance of the UCServer with regard to the database connection.
  • For phone calls on a line entered in the user account as "user's other lines" (1st/2nd phone), call details are now displayed again in Monitor/Favorites if the permission level between users allows it.
  • For softphone connections to Starface PBXs, the signaling of group calls has been improved. The reached group member is informed by a 'Forwarded by:' indication to which group the call belongs. If the call is offered to several group members and the call is accepted by one participant, the other participants receive a 'blue' entry in the journal (cf. as with pickup), with the indication of who accepted the call ('spoken to' information).

  • The event log (debug) of the UCServer now shows the exact query times of SQL queries of the database connection.
  • The agent icons on the ProCall client for Windows have been adapted in the 'My presence' area and in Favorites/Monitor. Affected by the changes are e.g. digital business card, contact portal and agent functions provided via CTI (Panasonic ICD, OpenScape 4000 ACD).
  • In the UCServer setup, error messages for the database connection have been adjusted.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a problem with SIP signaling when using a Mitel Border GW(MBG/ TUG/ for softphone connections. The connection was not established. Background: the ACK sent by ProCall after a '401 Authentication Required' did not have the same Branch ID.
  • For softphone connections to Starface PBXs, a display problem during pickup or when using feature codes was fixed. If an outside line was set on the PBX (e.g. a '0' for external calls), the 'Forwarded from' number was not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a problem on ProCall client for Windows that caused the call window function "Pass data" to stop working during DATEV integration.
  • Fixed a rare problem on ProCall client for Windows that the window frame was drawn black.
  • A problem in the UCServer administration when setting up a softphone line group for the first time has been fixed. If the configuration of a manual number was activated for the corresponding PBX type and no manual number was entered, the menu entry was automatically hidden the next time it was called up. In the future, this configuration option will not be automatically deactivated. 
  • Resolved an issue with the Meetings integration of the ProCall client for Windows that opened Windows Explorer in an incorrect state instead of displaying an error message.
Further information

There is an Update des estos/stunturn Docker-Images from estos. The Docker image provided by estos is now based on version 4.5.2-r13. A changelog with the changes can be found here::

A list of versions and instructions on how to update can be found here.

ProCall for iOS 7.5.10 (22072001)


  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

ProCall for Android 7.5.20 (22072001)


  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

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