ProCall Enterprise 7.3.2 was released on  as a maintenance release.

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)


New functions

  • As the federation service "ngn21" will be switched off on 31/12/2021, the configuration has been removed from the UCServer administration. An already configured service will continue to work until the time of shutdown.
    In the next maintenance release, ngn21 will be completely removed from the software.
    You can find background information under

  • The audio/video wizard of the ProCall client for Windows is now also located in the main menu ("..." menu in the top right corner of the client or by right-clicking on the ProCall systray icon) and can be called there.
  • The UCServer Administrator has been extended to allow filtering in the "Line groups / Softphone registrations" dialog, e.g. to search for specific lines.
  • The "Pickup" feature has been implemented for connections to the vPBX cloud provider Placetel. Currently (as of 12.11.2021), this feature is not yet offered by Placetel in the "Standard" tariff, but it may be available soon. If you have any questions about this, please contact Placetel. 


  • With permission level "public" the contact picture and the note of the users are now displayed again.
  • The ProCall Enterprise installer can no longer be run incorrectly if a ProCall Business is already installed. ProCall Business must be uninstalled first.
  • Under Windows 11, the layout of the ProCall Client for Windows has been adapted to the Windows 11 design principles. For example, the corners of the windows of the client are round.
  • For connections to the vPBX cloud provider Placetel, the behavior of internally forwarded calls has been improved. The destination participant receives a SIP diversion info that contains the forwarding participant. This is signaled in the case not with the phone number, but with a string from the registration data. Since the user does not know this data, the stored phone number will be determined in the future and displayed as "forwarded by:", if available.

  • For connections to the vPBX cloud provider Placetel, the behavior for incoming calls with suppressed phone number has been improved. In this case, we receive an "anonymous" in the "From:" as usual, but a P-Asserted (PAI) is additionally signaled with the own phone number. Therefore, the own phone number was displayed as the sender of the call. In the future we will only show "call number unknown" for suppressed call numbers and ignore a PAI with the own call number.

Bug fixes
  • Security risk elimination:
  • Fixed a translation error in the ProCall client for Windows in TextChat. Forwarded messages displayed "Forward" instead of "Forwarded". Also, the icon was adapted to the design of the ProCall Client.
  • Fixed an issue where a ProCall Business license could be incorrectly entered into ProCall Enterprise.
  • Fixed an issue with the ProCall client for Windows that very rarely caused the ProCall client to "freeze" when using Plantronics/Poly headsets.
  • A problem in the UCServer administration was fixed. If the default path to the log files was changed, it was no longer possible to view the logs in UCServer Administration in the "Server events" item.
  • Fixed a display error in ProCall client for Windows. When searching for a phone number that was not resolved in any data source, unreadable XML code was displayed in the tooltip of the search result.
  • Fixed an issue in ProCall Client for Windows that caused the client's systray icon to blink red-gray on incoming call. The gray has been removed, and it now flashes red-orange again.
  • Fixed a display error in ProCall client for Windows. When searching for a phone number that was not resolved in any data source, it was displayed that the unknown contact was "Available via federation". This display was removed.
  • Fixed a rare issue where settings were lost or UCServer administration crashed when setting up a softphone line group.

ProCall for iOS 7.3.20 (21110802)

HOTFIX  ProCall for iOS 7.3.21 (21120205)


New functions
  • In the action bar of the "Calls" menu item, an AudioChat can now be started by clicking "Call" and selecting AudioChat from the contact options.
Bug fixes
  • HOTFIX Fixed a crash when using a current ProCall 6 UCServer version in the app to display the "Calls" section.
  • HOTFIX The dial tone was not played on outgoing internal calls. This error has been fixed.
  • HOTFIX The dial tone is now played over the loudspeaker when executing a video chat. 
  • Various crashes have been fixed.
  • In some cases, the loudspeaker has deactivated during call set-up if it was switched on during ringing and a call is set up. The loudspeaker now remains activated.  

ProCall for Android 7.3.20 (21110803)

New functions
  • Telephony via a Bluetooth headset is now supported. When a headset is connected, the headset's microphone is recognized and used.
  • Improved call quality during AV chats and softphone calls (when the call account is disabled). Problems with volume and the other party hearing an echo when the speaker is on have been fixed.
Bug fixes
  • Various crashes have been fixed.
  • Fixed a crash on Fairphone 2 (FP2) smartphones.

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