ProCall Enterprise 7.1.1 was released as a Maintenance Release on.

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ProCall Enterprise (Core)


New features
  • The "Early Media" function is supported by the softphone in ProCall Client for Windows. The "Early Media" feature can be configured in the UCServer admin area in the properties for line groups in the Media tab.
  • If the UCServer service cannot write configuration back to the file system, this is logged as an error in the event log.
  • If emojis are answered in text chats on ProCall Client for Windows, they are now also displayed in color.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a problem with cross-device busy on busy. Previously the call protection (DND) was already set in the ringing state for incoming calls. If two lines (e.g. a desk phone via TAPI and a softphone) answered this number, only one of them was offered the call because the other one was already set to DND. Now DND is only activated after the call is accepted and the call can be accepted on the appropriate line.

  • After "403 Forbidden" UCServer Re-REGISTER requests ran into a void with an Asterisk PBX variant and/or the PBX did not react to requests any longer. The re-registration after "403 Forbidden" was introduced in an older version (6.0.24) for Panasonic telephone systems, but was also used for other PBXs. In the future, this will only be done for Panasonic PBXs.
  • Fixed a bug where the iOS ProCall Mobile app displayed multiple push notifications in case of missed calls.
  • An error was fixed that a push notification was sent again for calls that were set to "uncompleted" in the ProCall Mobile Apps.
  • Fixed a bug in ProCall Client for Windows that in a group chat where a disabled user is a member, an error icon was displayed each time a chat was sent.

ProCall for iOS 7.1.10 (20111902)


  • Visual improvements were made in the area of calls, chat and contact search.
  • E-mails can now be sent to contacts from ProCall Mobile, even if Apple's Mail App is not used
Bug fixes
  • In isolated cases, the ProCall Mobile app for iOS experienced delayed audio throughput for softphone calls. This bug has been fixed.
  • Several crashes have been fixed.

ProCall for Android 7.1.12 (20120104)


  • Revision of the calls ("Journal") view
Bug fixes
  • Incorrect behavior when forwarding a softphone call was fixed.
  • Fixed limitations with the microphone during conversations on Android 11.
  • Fixed an error when displaying unedited journal entries.
  • Several crashes have been fixed.

Known problems and limitations

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