ProCall 7 Enterprise SR3 will be released on  as a service release.


Note on the update

When performing the update, please follow the instructions for the update within a product version.

Welcome to ProCall 7 Enterprise – Service Release 3

With Service Release 3 of ProCall Enterprise 7, the focus continues to be on improving the softphone functions. In particular, we have dealt with further minor improvements for everyday work. In addition, the diversity of cloud providers was taken into account, and certifications for the cloud telephone systems of Ostertag DeTeWe – "OD-Cloud" and Placetel – "Placetel Profi" were made. 

Variety of cloud telephone systems

In order to take into account the variety of cloud telephone systems available on the market, additional connection profiles were added to ProCall Enterprise and the necessary technical requirements were created.

Ostertag DeTeWe – “OD-Cloud“
Placetel – “Placetel Profi“

Further improvements for everyday work


New Jabra SDK for call control
  • All previously available Jabra headsets are supported by the new SDK
  • Support for other new Jabra headsets
    • Engage 75
    • Evolve2 65
Improvements to the softphone
  • Reduction of dropped calls
Android App Call Account/ConnectionService
  • To simplify switching between an Android call window and a ProCall call window, a link to the Android call settings has been added in the app: Settings -> Line settings -> Android calling accounts

Support for new operating systems

  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server® 2022 and Microsoft Windows® 11

Improvements and bug fixes

ProCall Enterprise (Core) 73.1.5076

New Features
  • Microsoft Windows Server® 2022 and Microsoft Windows® 11 have been added to the system requirements. Details can be found here: ProCall 7 Enterprise system requirements.
  • A new softphone profile "OD Cloud" was created for the cloud PBX provider Ostertag DeTeWe GmbH. The tests were successfully completed with the default settings for encrypted communication (via TLS and sRTP).
  • A new softphone profile "Placetel PROFI" was created for the cloud PBX provider Placetel. The tests were successfully completed with the default settings for the "Standard" tariff.
  • A revised SDK from the manufacturer has been implemented for the Windows client for call control with Jabra headsets. The SDK offers new possibilities and bug fixes. The previously used "Jabra Native HID API" (JabraNativeHid.dll version 1.4.308.0), has been updated to the current "Jabra SDK" (libjabra.dll version All call control features implemented for ProCall were retested in the process.

    • This includes mute/activate microphone
    • Accept call
    • Reject call
    • Hang up connected call
    • Hold call, retrieve call
    • Accept second call (call waiting)
    • Reject second call
    • Toggle calls
    • Hang up the connected second call
  • Furthermore, the list of tested Jabra headsets was extended. The tests were successfully completed with the Jabra headset types Engage 75 (via USB docking station) and Evolve2 65 (via BT dongle Link 380).
  • For public permission levels between users, the business phone numbers of users are now displayed.
  • Help texts have been adapted in the UCServer online help.

  • When installing the UCServer update, additional indexes are created to improve the performance of the chat.
  • Improvements have been implemented in the softphone journal for "pickup" (fetching a call). The subscriber from whom a call was "picked up" now sees the corresponding journal entry in blue font. In the journal browser, the "Talked to" field can be used to determine who picked up the call.
  • A server-side improvement has been implemented for softphone environments that do not provide forwarding information by the PBX for consultation calls. In this case, the consultation destination may not recognize when a transfer has been performed, as the old call contacts are still displayed. The forwarding information is now provided within the server as long as the forwarding participant and also the consultation target via softphone are on the server. During the transfer, the connected party display updates, and the "Holds:" party display (if present) is replaced with a new "Forwarded from:" display. If forwarding information is provided by the PBX, it takes precedence.

  • In the default settings of a cloud provider profile (OD Cloud), a call forwarding in ringing state (also known as Call Deflection or also as "302 Removed Temporarily") has been implemented to always execute in canonical number format (e.g. +498151...).
  • The behavior of the Call button in the call window has been improved so that a new call cannot be initiated immediately after a previous call to prevent an unwanted callback.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a problem with the PCAP logger when the SIP softphone registrar was configured by FQDN (i.e. not by IP address). In some cases the logger could not assign the trace information to the lines and therefore did not record a call direction. The PCAP logger can be used to record special SIP softphone traces in Wireshark format.
  • Phone number changes (Business, Business 2, Private, Mobile, Pager) in user management in UCServer Admin were not applied if a page other than "Phone numbers" was selected when clicking OK.
  • Fixed a UCServer crash.
  • Fixed an issue of the Multiline TSP not reconnecting to the attached UCServer when the UCServer is restarted.
  • Fixed a rare crash of the ProCall client for Windows when it tries to initialize a microphone at startup but no default microphone is set yet.
  • If the telephony service is restarted on the UCServer, then Remote Office, which was activated by users, will no longer be deactivated.
  • An accepted and then (blindly) forwarded second call sometimes displayed a 'Hold' participant for the forwarding destination, although this should only be displayed for an enquiry transfer. Therefore, in this case, the held party of the first call was sometimes displayed, which, however, has no relevance for the destination party.
  • Fixed an issue that the setting in the "Make appointments available to the system" profile was not transferred to the clients.

ProCall for iOS 7.3.10 (21101205)

New Features
  • A number of UI adjustments and improvements have been made for iOS 15

Bug fixes
  • Fixed several crashes

ProCall for Android 7.3.10 (21101215)

New Features
Bug fixes
  • Fixed several crashes