With ProCall mobile, the apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android, selected features of the ProCall Enterprise Unified Communications & CTI software suite are also available on the move for smartphones and tablets (for Apple iOS oder Google Android).

Updated information of May 31 2024: End-of-Maintenance: Mobile Apps for ProCall 7 Enterprise - update in time before end-of-life →

ProCall 7 Enterprise will reach the status End-of-Maintenance (EoM) on  May 31, 2024  and the status End-of-Life (EoL) on 31. December 2024

This has a strong impact on the ProCall Mobility Services, which, among other things, make it easier for you to set up the ProCall Mobile Apps:
These services only work with a version of ProCall Enterprise that is supported, i.e. has not yet reached the end of the product life cycle.
For more information on current ProCall Enterprise versions, please refer to our overview of the product lifecycle.

We are already informing you today that by May 31, 2025 the ProCall apps for iOS and Android will no longer be able to be used with ProCall 7 Enterprise 


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