October 2023

ProCall EnterpriseV 8.0
PBX/Cloud PBXUnify OpenScape 4000
 V10 R0.28
Softphone functions connectionSIP system networking "SIP trunk"
ProCall EnterpriseV 7.0
PBX/Cloud PBXUnify OpenScape 4000
V8 R1
TSPECSTA for Unify OpenScape 4000

ProCall Enterprise Client for Windows

ProCall mobile app ***


SIP extension

SIP trunk

from PCE 8




☑ ☑ 

Hang up

Answer call

Hold call

Call back

Reject call

Forward call (without answering)

Forward call (after answering)

Set up a consultation call


Connect a consultation call

Forward second call (without answering)

Accept second call

Reject second call

Forward second call (without answering)

Forward second call (after answering)

Second call on SIP line

Caller receives busy

Caller receives busy

Incoming call on SIP line while active mobile phone call

  • Answer call

mobile phone call on hold **

  • Reject

Incoming mobile phone call while active SIP line call

  • Answer call

SIP line call is terminated

SIP line call on hold

  • Reject

Create a conference call (3 participants)

Add a further participant to a conference call

Remove a participant from a conference call

Pickup call
via UCServer (from 8.3)

  • TAPI - TAPI 

  • TAPI - SIP 

  • SIP - TAPI 

  • SIP - SIP 

Pickup call
via feature code

  • TAPI - TAPI 

  • TAPI - SIP 

  • SIP - TAPI

  • SIP - SIP



Dial ringing tone

Call forwarding

  • provided by PBX via TAPI

  • via feature code

  • provided by UCServer *2

Call protection / DoNotDisturb

  • via presence

  • via line


Function available
Availability or function planned/in realization
Not relevant
Not applicable due to technical limitations
Function not tested, full tests are pending
*1Presentation of hold state planned
*2Call forwarding by UCServer configurable for internal/external/all calls always or while busy
**Depending on the functions of the network provider
***Supported functions for SIP lines in ProCall Mobile apps for connection via estos UCConnect

Version note

Since estos has no influence on the further development of the supported telephone systems by the manufacturer, we cannot guarantee that the instructions described above will also be fully valid for future releases and e.g. other end devices.

Further information

PBX-specific configuration: Setting up softphone functions (SIP) for Unify OpenScape 4000 – connection instructions