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Brief instructions on the main functions of the ProCall Mobile App and how to use it. 

ProCall Mobile Versions

As of ProCall 7 Enterprise, there is no longer a difference in the version designation for the mobile apps for iOS and Android. The range of functions depends on the underlying ProCall Enterprise version. 

Connected on the move with ProCall

As a ProCall 7 Enterprise user, the ProCall Mobile App allows you to combine the information, device and communication options on the mobile device (smartphone/tablet) with the information, device and communication options of ProCall 7 Enterprise at the workplace while on the move.

for iPhone/iPad

for Android

  • iOS 16
  • iOS 15
  • Android 13
  • Android 12
  • Android 11

App Permissions

App Permissions

To perform communication actions or display contacts, the ProCall Mobile app requires access to e.g. camera, contacts, microphone, phone, memory.


Depending on the administrative set up with the access data:

  • ProCall Enterprise user data
  • Login data for the connection to UCServer
  • UCConnect ID (activate UCConnect)

To distinguish between entering a UCConnect ID or a server address and to be able to make the associated entries, select the menu icon in the top right-hand corner of the app title menu (three vertically arranged points) and activate the Configuration menu item:

Access data can be obtained from your administrator, e.g. via an invitation e-mail with link.

For first-time registration

First switch to the "My area", there you can make settings for presence, notifications, and lines. 

Select language

The ProCall Mobile App is available in different languages. The language depends on the operating system of the device (smartphone/tablet) on which the app is installed.

Do not miss anything: Notifications

Notifications, so-called push messages, can be activated/deactivated in the "Me area". 

  • New chats (TextChat, audio/video chats)
  • Missed chats (TextChat, audio/video chats)
  • Missed calls


Notifications can only be activated if the "Push" policy has been agreed upon. This may have to be done from the administrative side.


Edit contact

  • Add/delete contact
  • Add to favorites/delete from favorites
  • Change group membership
  • Assign contact to multiple groups
  • Change permissions
  • Send contact details
  • Transfer contact details to address book 

Create/rename groups

via ProCall Client for Microsoft Windows

Last contacts

Contacts with whom you have recently communicated.

Contact details

Contact details or the result of a search offer you additional information about the contact, such as:

  • Address data
  • Phone numbers
  • Upcoming appointments
  • E-mail address
  • IM address
  • Data source
  • Group assignment
  • Authorization level

Contact search 

  • In all available contact databases
  • Search results sorted by data source

Add contact

  • Search in data sources
  • Enter manually
  • Send authorization request (federation)

Presence status of contacts 

The presence status is created or manually set according to defined rules, e.g. via telephony services or calendar entries.

 Busy/In a call/In an appointment
Absent (online)
Do not disturb
 Absent (offline)

Information on line/line display 

 Line free

Call forwarding active

Call protection active

Further information about the contact

Registered via ProCall Mobile App
Information about dates/calendar entries
Information on status
 Federation contact

Communication actions

The selection depends on the available lines/devices and permissions.

  • TextChat
  • AudioChat
  • VideoChat
  • Select line/device
  • Use softphone
  • Start call (via standard line)
  • Use keypad/DTMF dial (enter a number manually)


Here you can see the chat history and start a text chat with your contacts.

The chat can be started either via the contact details, the journal, or via chats. 

Besides plain text messages, emojis can also be used.

And you can share content and send files by using the paperclip symbol 📎.

Delivery status

Message has been sent.
Message has been delivered.
Message has been read/opened.

Further actions


  • Overview of communication activities
  • AudioChats
  • VideoChats
  • Phone calls
  • Contact persons

Overview of your communication activities

  • Incoming/outgoing (inbound/outbound)
  • External/internal
  • Successful/ missed
  • Date and time
  • Call duration/duration of the call

From the call log

  • Mark entry as edited/unedited
  • Open contact details
  • Select and start communication type
  • Delete journal entry
  • Dial number/show keypad (DTMF)
  • Filter display by Show all/unprocessed
  • Mark all as processed 

"My" area

  • Set/delete presence
  • Use presence profiles (which are set up on the ProCall client for Windows)
  • Set/delete note
  • Manage lines
  • Manage notifications
  • Send feedback to the manufacturer (log file)
  • Certificates
  • License notes
  • Version of Mobile app and UCServer
  • End app/Logout

Change presence status

The presence status is formed according to defined rules, e.g. via telephony services, upcoming appointments or it can be set manually. Your contacts see your presence status and your note (depending on the permissions granted).


A note/out-of-office message can be set to comment on your presence status.

Update note

If the presence status is changed, make sure to delete or update any out-of-office notes accordingly.

Manage lines

  • Define standard line
  • Set/remove call forwarding
  • Call protection (Do not disturb) on/off
  • Remote Office on/off
  • Rename smartphone line


Communication window


  • Identify call partners
  • Accept/Reject
  • Hold call – iOS - Android


  • Start call
  • Use softphone
  • Start AudioChat
  • Start VideoChat
  • End call


Communication actions

  • Depending on the configuration, device options, and permissions
  • Start with the set standard line
  • Other selectable lines/devices

Start communication

Further actions

  • Microphone on/off (mute)
  • Speaker on/off "Speak freely"
  • Rotate camera

Useful information

Available options 

Available options


  • Lines
  • Devices
  • Communication actions

You can choose, depends on configuration and authorization.

Audio/Video chat

Audio/Video chat

  • With internal or federation contact
  • Callers must have the appropriate technical equipment available (e.g. headset, camera, microphone)
  • Requirement: Authorization to use audio/video

Softphone features

Softphone features

  • Range of functions depending on the supported functions of the telephone system
  • Requirement: Authorization to use softphone/assigned lines

Control desk telephone

Control desk phone

  • Control the line that is assigned to a desk phone ("system phone", "work phone") and to the user (depending on the supported functions of the telephone system).
  • The communication device is not the mobile device, but the telephone connected to the telephone system, for example, a headset.
  • Signaling of incoming calls, if the mobile app is open in the foreground and the mobile device is not locked.
  • Requirement: assigned line.

Requirements for successful connections

Requirements for successful connections

Active login and connection to UCConnect or UCServer (LAN, WLAN, internet).


The availability of functions depends, among other things, on the system environment, configuration, ProCall version, device options, and permissions granted.

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