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July 2023

Version info: ProCall 8 Enterprise

You can define for ProCall if and how you want to be informed about new messages e.g. chats.

You can configure the corresponding settings either via the notification settings using the Microsoft Windows operating system , in the ProCall client for Windows or in the ProCall mobile app or your smartphone.

Configure notifications

Windows notification

Example screenshot: Set up notifications for ProCall via Windows system settings

Example screenshot: Windows system settings – System – Notifications – ProCall – Notification banner, Notification center, Sound, Set priority.

ProCall client for Windows

Example screenshot ProCall client for Windows – Settings

ProCall client for Windows – Settings – General – Behavior – Show speech bubble for...

ProCall client for Windows – Settings – General – Notifications New Chats – with or without preview

Show/hide preview for new chats

Under Notifications you can set the ProCall Client for Windows to display new chats and, if necessary, a preview of them:

Sample: Notification with preview

Sample: Notification without preview – marked as "private"

Enable/disable notification for chat: Mute (mute)

For chats with a specific contact or group (chat room/group chat) you can enable or disable/mute notifications.

To do this, go to the ProCall client for Windows main window under the "Chat" tab and right-click on "Mute chat" for the desired contact:

Configure notification tones

If you want to set a specific sound for new chat messages, for example, go to the settings on the ProCall client. Under General – Behavior – Advanced, you can configure notification sounds. Under Sounds, select the item "New chat" for program events and set up the desired notification tone under Sounds.

Example screenshot: ProCall client for Windows – Settings – General – Behavior – Advanced – Configure notification sounds – Sound – ProCall – New chat

ProCall Mobile App

ProCall Mobile App - Ich-Bereich - Einstellungen - Benachrichtigungen

  • Chat
  • Calls
  • Calls in absence
Smartphone Settings – Notifications – Enable for ProCall Mobile App

You can enable/disable notifications on your smartphone on a device-specific basis for the ProCall mobile app.


The availability of the function depends on system environment, configuration, ProCall version and granted permissions.

The setting options for notifications may be administratively limited and cannot be changed by you.

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