State of knowledge

December 2021


In ProCall it is possible to choose between four presences:



Do not disturb


Furthermore, there are two presences, but they cannot be selected manually:


  • This arises automatically when a user is inactive on the PC for 5 minutes (default setting) or when the screen is locked.
    The time to inactivity can be changed in the UCServer under "User Management → Profiles → Properties → Settings".

Presence information not available

  • This can occur when the user is logged off, but also, for example, when the user is not authorized to see the presence of the user.

These presence colors correspond to a specific standard and are therefore fixed. The presence colors and their meaning cannot be customized.

A federation can be set up in which the presences are synchronized with foreign environments. XMPP or SIP is used for this purpose.

Presence profiles

Presence profiles can be created for the selected presences. In addition to the presence itself, presence profiles can also contain a time period/duration, information on availability, status notes and call forwarding.

Please note

If a presence is formed by events (e.g. an appointment from Outlook → busy or absent - or a phone call → busy), no presence profile is used! In such cases only simple presences are created.
Accordingly, no settings specified in the presence profiles are used in such scenarios (e.g. redirections).