Update statusMay 2023
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ProCall mobile app for iOS

ProCall 8 Enterprise

ProCall 7 Enterprise

A call can be put on hold and retrieved in the estos ProCall mobile app, thus affecting the call status of the SIP subscriber line used accordingly.

Regardless of this, the native function of disabling the microphone in Apple iOS is of course also available.

Holding and retrieving a call in the ProCall Mobile app is done in different ways depending on the active user interface.

ProCall in-app call window

You can easily activate the "Hold call" function during a call in the ProCall Mobile app for iOS by pressing the microphone button (mute button) a little longer (about one second):

To return the call from hold, press the call-hold key (pause key).

Native iOS call window/Apple CallKit

You can easily activate the "Hold Call" feature during a call in Apple CallKit UI by pressing the Mute button a little longer (about four seconds):

The call display changes to HOLD and the mute key with its symbolism is replaced by the Hold call key:

To retrieve the call from hold, press the Hold call key.

Function availability

The availability of the function depends on the iOS version, system environment, configuration and the supported features of the telephone system. In ProCall Enterprise the function is released from version 7.0.12 of the Mobile App and from version 7.0.1 of ProCall 7 Enterprise.

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