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Security advice for ProCall 6 Enterprise and ProCall 7 Enterprise


A vulnerability in the chat implementation of ProCall Client for Windows could allow attackers with access to the chat functionality of ProCall Enterprise over the network to execute commands through a chat message.

Security advisory: ProCall Enterprise remote code execution vulnerability

Affected versions:

  • 7.0 (all subversions)
  • 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 (all subversions)


Migration of Microsoft for EWS (Exchange Web Services) October 2020


The time to switch to EWS (Exchange Web Services) is approaching, as Microsoft is changing the procedure for authentication and login for cloud variants of Microsoft Office 365.
This is relevant for the connection of ProCall Enterprise to Microsoft Office 365

To our knowledge, on-premises variants of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange Server do not appear to be affected. 

ProCall 6 Enterprise and ProCall 7 Enterprise support the new authentication and login:

  • ProCall 7 Enterprise SR1: Field trial planned from ; release planned for
  • ProCall 6 Enterprise SR4 Maintenance Release 6.4.12: Release planned for

More helpful articles from us about MAPI and EWS:

Note: The extended support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 was also discontinued by Microsoft on October 13


Support of headsets in Citrix environments 


With the kind support of GN Netcom Germany GmbH (Jabra), we have compiled some useful information about the functionality and support of headsets in Citrix environments in connection with ProCall Enterprise. This applies not only to headsets from Jabra, but basically to the planning of the use of headsets in Citrix and terminal server environments.

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Guide to the analysis of softphone behavior


The use of softphones, especially with smartphones, is often affected by faults that are not exclusively attributable to the software. Dependence on non-controllable network infrastructures (GSM/LTE) and their availability, does not allow for trouble-free smartphone use. Also, VPN (Virtual Private Networks), i.e. so-called private WLAN networks (e.g. in the home office) or insufficiently illuminated WLAN networks in buildings make the use of the softphone on the laptop and smartphone more difficult.

We have therefore created a guide to help you identify anomalies and such effects as quickly as possible.

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Guide to upgrade to ProCall 7 Enterprise


We have extended our upgrade guide Best Practice: ProCall 7 Enterprise upgrade – process for major release changes include the following topics.

Enhance Communication Window  Installation directories for XSLT files

These directories for the call window extension change after an upgrade. Please note that you may therefore have to copy the files into the new directories

Use of ADM and ADMX templates for group policies 

ADM and ADMX templates are used to implement Microsoft group policies via Active Directory. We have compiled an overview of the settings used for ProCall Enterprise and show how the settings are retained when you upgrade to ProCall 7 Enterprise

Release ports for estos products – Which network interfaces are used?

The article on port sharing has been supplemented with notes on media port areas for real-time communication (softphone, audio/video chat). These hints are used to explain that port ranges can be restricted or that there are fallback mechanisms when using a STUN/TURN server. For the connection of the ProCall Mobile Apps a best practice with detailed information is to be observed.


ProCall 7 Enterprise system requirements


We have updated the ProCall 7 Enterprise system requirements:

New: ProCall Mobile App supports Android 11 and iOS 14

For our ProCall Mobile App we have added support for Android 11 and iOS 14.

Supported databases by installation size

We have updated the system requirements of ProCall 7 Enterprise with regard to the supported databases by installation size. We have made a more precise distinction here for the number of ProCall Enterprise users: up to 250 users, up to 10,000 users and more than 10,000 users.


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