State of knowledge

July 2020

Different XSLT files are used to extend the call window in ProCall Client for Windows.

Please also note the possibility to use the Web editor for call window customization (from ProCall 8 Enterprise)

XSLT files

XSLT files can be distributed to different directories, which are searched by ProCall Client for Windows in the following order:

  1. ProCall "%APPDATA directory followed by "\templates", e.g. "%APPDATA%\estos\procall 7\templates" (see also ProCall Enterprise %APPDATA% directory structure).
  2. ProCall Client installation directory followed by "templates".
  3. ProCall Client installation directory followed by "templates\default".

If the required XSLT file is not found in the (first) directory, the search continues in the next directory.

The described procedure requires knowledge of configuration and administration and the corresponding authorizations.

Store files

Store your files, which should not be overwritten during the update/upgrade, in the %APPDATA% or ProCall Client installation directory (with "templates" at the end; without "default").

The "templates\default" directory in the ProCall Client installation directory is overwritten during an update/upgrade.