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October 2020. ProCall 6 Enterprise (EOL), ProCall 7 Enterprise and ProCall 8 Enterprise

When using ProCall with Microsoft Outlook as groupware, the MAPI used by default may be unreliable. A change to EWS (Exchange Web Services) is therefore recommended.

This article describes the procedure to change the connection from EWS both for one client only and administratively for several clients. As a requirement for the use of EWS, a Microsoft Exchange Server from 2013 onwards (also as a cloud server).

Changeover on a single client

Start the ProCall workplace settings.

Click on "Next" until you reach Groupware settings.

Check the box "Connect Microsoft Exchange Server directly".

Then click on "Configure...". Check whether an e-mail profile could be found. You may need to add the profile. Please also note the other settings in this window.

Finish the wizard.

Changeover on several clients

An administrative conversion is only possible via group policy objects. You can use the ADM/ADMX templates for ProCall.

Please note that in case of an administrative changeover to EWS, an e-mail profile must be found for the changeover to be successful. If necessary you have to add the profile.

Further information

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