State of knowledge

July 2022

Support in the sense of technical assistance (Support)

We offer technical support for estos software products with an estos GmbH copyright, i.e. we can make assertions about the behavior of functions in our software. We cannot provide support for third-party products, but refer to our compatibility reports/articles/lists.

To request technical support, please refer to the relevant service descriptions at: 

For recurring questions we offer a large number of articles at, otherwise, we recommend contacting the first contact of your reference channel, i.e. your reseller or distributor if you are a reseller. We cannot provide support for third-party products but refer to our compatibility reports/articles/lists.

The estos ticket system

Tech Essentials

We regularly inform about new articles, advice, and knowledge about our software and the system environment in which our software is used and can be used via our estos Tech Essentials.

Product life cycle

We provide technical support for estos software products that are still in the estos product lifecycle. We provide information about End-of-Sale, End-of-Maintenance, and End-of-Life at:
For further information, please also refer to our goodwill policy for estos software products that have reached the end of their product life cycle: Product lifecycle: Goodwill policy for estos products in product support at EOM/EOL

Specifications and scope of functions

A performance specification is part of the compatibility report/article/list where an overview is given of the essential functions (functional scope) of the software that would be available if all system requirements were met, taking into account all known usage scenarios. For selected functions, reference is made to specific compatibility reports/articles/lists, usage scenarios, and system requirements.

System requirements

Without meeting these, our software cannot be used. System requirements are among the deployment scenarios, i.e. no statement is made regarding compatibility, interoperability, or functional scope.

System requirements overview

Release Notes

In the release notes, we record the main changes/additions to essential functions (functional scope): Release Notes.

Security relevant notes

The security advisories for estos products stored here are published for vulnerabilities of medium to critical (CVSS 3.1 score 4.0 - 10.0) extent. The notices contain information on the affected products, the criticality of the vulnerability, and recommended measures.

Security advice

Known problems and limitations

If we become aware of problems and limitations in our software, we record this under Known problems and limitations. The versions of our software for which a solution to the problem/limitation has been found are also recorded here.

Support/release in the sense of compatibility and interoperability

We have checked selected functions of our software against third-party products for interoperability.

The reviewed functions are summarized in a compatibility report. The compatibility report may contain further information on the changed scope of functions, deployment scenarios and system requirements.

If, in your view, a compatibility report is missing and not complete or correct, please contact us so that we can verify. An update does not occur automatically when something changes in the third-party product, but only when we have sufficient information that indicates a changed functional scope/behavior.

Our current compatibility reports:

ProCall Enterprise


ProCall Business

Deployment scenarios or system environments

Our software can be used in many scenarios for which we have not explicitly checked compatibility, but for which we are aware of the possibility of use, even if compatibility or interoperability may change between use scenarios. For selected deployment scenarios, we provide additional information that addresses, for example, changes in system requirements or functionality.

Test scenarios/test versions/evaluation

In order to test the estos software in certain system environments prior to productive use or purchase, we offer test versions that can be downloaded from the download area and used for evaluation in a test environment. If the test operation proves successful and the software is purchased, a so-called test version can also be subsequently converted into a productive version by importing a license.