State of knowledge

July 2022


estos products pass through several milestones in the product life cycle (

The last two milestones are EOM (End-of-Maintenance) and EOL (End-of-Life)

Date for EOL can occur at the same time as the date for EOM.
Basically, the date for EOM is before or on the same day as the date for EOL.

Transition period

Why is there this distinction? This is because for selected products we grant a transition period to switch to the latest successor product (if available). The transition period extends between the EOM date and the EOL date.

Basis Support

Our Basic Support ( excludes products that have reached the EOL date.

This means that there is no entitlement to services that we provide as part of our basic support.
This also means that there is no entitlement to product support after the EOM/EOL date.

Scope of this goodwill policy

Product support requests will only be processed for products that have already reached their EOM/EOL date under the following conditions:

  • estos has received an order for the latest replacement product.
  • The processing is used to prepare for the changeover to the latest replacement product, or to work out a solution that will be implemented with the latest replacement product.

Contact for queries

If you have any questions about your situation or feel that your situation is not covered by this goodwill provision, please feel free to contact us at