State of knowledge

October 2021

Unfortunately, we cannot make any statements about a date when the issues mentioned here will be corrected or changed. However, we will mark subjects that are already being edited or indicate the version in which a correction or change has been made.

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ReferenceDescriptionAffected versionsStatus

Under "Online Services" the column "Used" in the license is not filled. It is always displayed as 0.

The number of logged-in clients can be checked only in the "Server Monitor".

21H2 (Build 1.5073)


Logging the ECSTA connection

To determine the call number format from/to the telephone system, the logs of the ECSTA must be evaluated.

Logging is not activated via logging in the UCServer (Business), but must be activated in the driver configuration under "Info". (Instruction in the manual).

All logs are created in the UCServer\Logs\ECSTA directory.

21H2 (Build.1.4918)

21H2 (Build 1.5073)