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Call number resolution for Microsoft Teams via LDAP connection of estos MetaDirectory to Session Border Controller


Call number resolution in Microsoft Teams can be realized via the LDAP connection of estos MetaDirectory to AudioCode's SBC Mediant.

Three experts from AudioCodes, system house Telcat Multicom and estos demonstrated in a hands-on technical webinar how the interaction between AudioCodes Session Border Controller and estos MetaDirectory for call number resolution and name display in Microsoft Teams basically works and how field mapping, connection to the LDAP server and call routing are configured in MetaDirectory and SBC.

Here you can watch the recording of the webinar from 25/4/2022:

Mark your calendar for June: Technical Webinar

On 10/6/2022 there will be another technical webinar on the topic of call number resolution for Microsoft Teams. Here, experts from TE-Systems, Telefonbau Schneider and estos will explain in a practical manner how the interaction between SBC anynode from TE-Systems, estos MetaDirectory and Microsoft Teams works.

Enable call control with Yealink headsets – Yealink SDK not included in ProCall 7 Enterprise as of R 7.4.1 due to false positive Sophos warning message


After a false positive virus warning message "Malicious exploit" appears for the Yealink SDK from Sophos, the Yealink SDK (libyealinkusbsdk.dll) for call control was no longer delivered with the installation in ProCall 7 Enterprise from release 7.4.1 ( 26.04.2022 ).
Please note that even when updating from 7.4.0 to 7.4.1, the SDK is no longer installed with it.

If you urgently need the functionality "Call control with Yealink headsets", you can request the SDK (libyealinkusbsdk.dll) from Yealink and copy it manually to the new subfolder "\driver\x86\Yealink" to be created in the ProCall client installation.

If you are already using ProCall Enterprise version 7.4.0, you can also use this method to temporarily copy away the DLL file before updating to 7.4.1 and then copy it back again after the update.

Yealink is working hard to resolve the false positive virus alerts when using "sophos Central Intercept X Advanced with XDR".
As soon as a solution is available, the Yealink SDK will again become an official part of ProCall 7 Enterprise.

In Tech Essentials April 2022, we already pointed out the warning message. We have updated the corresponding article according to the latest findings:

ProCall Meetings: Where can I find information on innovations, outages or upcoming maintenance work? – The Status Monitor


To find out about new features, changes, outages or upcoming maintenance work on the ProCall Meetings platform, you can access the ProCall Meetings status monitor here: https://status.meetings.procall.de/.
To always stay up to date, the status monitor also offers the possibility to subscribe to news about updates. To do this, use the "Subscribe to Updates" button in the top right corner.

For more information about the software, see the documentation:

Avaya Inc. confirms successful compliance test for estos ECSTA 6 with Avaya IP Office Server Edition


With the "Letter of compliance for successful completion of Avaya DevConnect compliance testing" dated 10 March 2022, Avaya Inc. has confirmed the compatibility of estos ECSTA 6 with Avaya IP Office Server Edition.

The estos ECSTA R 6.0.7 has passed testing by Avaya's DevConnect technical team and was officially recognized as compliant on 10 March 2022.

The Avaya DevConnect Letter of Compliance applies based on the specified version of both parties' solutions: estos ECSTA 6 with Release 6.0.7 and Avaya IP Office Server Edition 11.1.2

Call Routing via group call/overflow group: New hints for connecting ProCall Enterprise and STARFACE PBX


In the notes for commissioning ProCall softphone features for STARFACE Cloud PBX we have added information about the caller identification display after forwarding:

Particularly in the case of calls via group numbers or overflow groups, only the caller's phone number is transmitted to the forwarding destination or the drop destination, the call window does not show any information about the call routing via group number or overflow group number at the forwarding destination, i.e. the call window does not show any information Forwarded by...


ProCall mobile app for Android: When dialing via softphone line, a GSM call is initiated – cause and procedure


If ProCall mobile is activated as an Android call account and a Sophos MDM (Mobile Device Management) is in use, it can happen that a GSM call is initiated when dialing via softphone line. Here, Sophos seems to intervene when another app is activated as call account and allows dialing via GSM only. As a workaround, the Android call account can be deactivated and the ProCall mobile in-app call window can be used instead.

ProCall mobile app for Android: Create screenshot does not work – activation required


For security reasons, taking screenshots from the ProCall mobile app for Android is generally disabled.

To create a screenshot from the ProCall Android app, this must be explicitly activated in the app.

Create debug log for ProCall Analytics and make it available for analysis


Our new article shows how to provide additional data and log files for error analysis for ProCall Analytics:

Find out the port assignment of an application


In addition to the overview Release ports for estos products – which network interfaces are used? Here are now further notes on how you can find out in practice which program or which service occupies which port.
This is often necessary, for example, to set up the WebService or to avoid duplicate ports. . 


New releases at estos – recently released


You can find an overview of our Release Notes here... 


16/5/2022 and 1/6/2022: Next steps in the transition to the new ticket system for product support


As announced, we are transitioning our product support to a new system. 
You can find the new ticket system at https://jira.estos.de/servicedesk.

From Monday 16 May 2022, we will no longer process tickets in the previous system at helpdesk.estos.de.
Therefore, please transfer your still open tickets to our new system if necessary.

From Wednesday 1 June 2022, the previous ticketing system will no longer be available.

How to get access to the ticket system?

As a retailer, use the registration to the estos Partner Program  https://www.estos.com/partner/estos-partner-program
As an estos partner, you use your existing  my.estos.de Partner login 
For end-user companies, registration to the new product support is now online: https://www.estos.de/support/registrierung-produktsupport

We have compiled important information for you in the following articles:

17/5/2022: Tech Essentials LIVE – ProCall 7 Enterprise – News in Service Release 4 incl. requirements/commissioning of the new STUN/TURN alternative coTurn


estos Partner News

Tech Essentials LIVE May 2022
Webinar online – exclusively for certified estos partners

Language: German

Tuesday, 17 May 2022 –11.00 a.m.
(Duration, approx. 20 to 30 minutes)

ProCall 7 Enterprise – What's new in Service Release 4 including requirements/ commissioning of the new STUN/TURN alternative coTurn

To registration ->

Submit questions or suggested topics for Tech Essentials LIVE to the speakers

10/6/2022: Technical webinar on call number resolution in Microsoft Teams 


On Friday 10 June 2022 at 09.30 a.m., our next webinar will take place online exclusively for estos partners on the topic of "Call number resolution in Microsoft Teams":

Experts from TE-Systems, Telefonbau Schneider and estos show how the combined use of the Session Border Controller anynode from TE-Systems and the estos MetaDirectory enables call number resolution in Microsoft Teams.

Technical webinar with live demo


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