To start a group chat with several contacts, ProCall offers you several options:

ProCall Monitor: Create/mark group and start chat

You can create a new group in the ProCall Monitor by right-clicking with Group New.... to create a new group and organize the contacts there, e.g. as a "Marketing" group.

With a right-click on the title bar of the group, you can now start a chat with this group in the menu selection via the chat icon to start a chat with this group. The chat room will be created automatically, all contacts of the selected group will be in the chat room. You can add more contacts or remove participants before starting communication.

Example screenshot: Start a new chat to the selected group

ProCall Monitor: Create a chat room and select contacts

To start a chat with a group or several contacts, click on the Create chat room... menu item in the ProCall Monitor to the right of AudioChat for one of the contacts with whom you want to have a group chat.

Example screenshot: Create chat room

Invite other contacts to the chat room

Now add the contacts with whom you want to have a group chat to the chat room. You are now active as a moderator in this chat room.

You can invite up to 30 contacts to a chat room. Each contact you invited to the chat room can send messages.

Chat room: Assign name for the group

You can give the group a name by overwriting the default name  .


The availability of the function depends on the system environment, configuration, ProCall version, and granted permissions.